Ten controller enabled mobile games you must play

RawDLC writes: After reviewing one of the SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controllers my mobile gaming repertoire has dramatically increased. I tried out a large selection of Bluetooth enabled games and figured it was time to pass on the love and give you my top ten picks.

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ifritAlkhemyst2829d ago

Why does everyone keep referring to Riptide GT as a Wipeout clone? It's clearly more inspired by the old Jet Moto series. Freaking journalists and your lack of gaming history.

porkChop2829d ago

Yeah, it seems like a mobile take on Jet Moto. Doesn't even remotely look like Wipeout.

porkChop2829d ago

I actually spoke to the developers of Ravensword about getting the game on Vita, and they're currently in talks with Sony to make it happen.

dcj05242829d ago

Would buy that day one. Buff up the graphocs though.