GameStop Lists CoD: Ghosts For Vita

"The Spanish wing of GameStop has listed a version of Call of Duty: Ghosts for Sony’s handheld. So far, nothing has been confirmed about the Vita version, but given that it’s coming to all current and next generation home consoles, it could be making its way to the system."

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Godlovesgamers2829d ago

Cool. I just hope more time and respect was put into this iteration on the vita than the last one.

SilentNegotiator2828d ago

The last COD on Vita could have put it on the map, but f***ing Nihilistic was allowed to develop it and likely given insufficient time and budget by Activision.

shivvy242828d ago

nihilistic was only given 6 months to make the game , for that time period its impressive what they pulled off but as an overall product it was a poor game !

Mounce2828d ago

I'd stiil say Nihilistic are bad devs. Resistance was bad and COD Declassified was bad. I highly doubt they were rushed for both games.

They either need to prove themselves with a great game, or just slowly fade away.

SilentNegotiator2828d ago

Their history of games says it all; they're not good game developers.

Goro2829d ago

If Nihilistic are developing it then screw it

NukaCola2829d ago

Agree. KZ Mercs proves that a console quality FPs on handheld is more than possible. This better not be another crap cash in. I want some real quality put into this.

Rimeskeem2829d ago

Well it is cod so either way its going to be the same thing

imXify2829d ago

Nihilistic is GONE !!!

They are only making cheap indie games now.

ONESHOTV22829d ago

no what are u talking about your saying that are cheap and no good .... and they did not go to indie they went to ios games a little different

Salooh2829d ago

Man , that game should be banned xD . It's like releasing a phone game in ps4 and sell it for 60 $ >.<

Kingthrash3602828d ago

in all honesty it wasnt that wasnt that good but it wasn't THAT bad. killzone tho better than some ps3 fps out there.

Skate-AK2828d ago

They are only making games for iOS and Android now.

AzureskyZ2828d ago

They changed their name to nstigate because of the horrible games they made as nihilistic-- if they made the ghost i wont purchase it, I cant believe they had the balls to sell crap over the years.

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GusHasGas2829d ago

Oh god, this had better be NOTHING like Black Ops Declassified. I cringe every time I hear that name...

GdaTyler2829d ago

You cringe? I put a gun to my head.

Blank2828d ago

I use an evoker to take a persona come out and do agidyne to kill it with fire! Lol

famoussasjohn2829d ago

lol, I remember the first tweet about getting it and then 40 minutes later saying "well I just beat it.".

porkChop2829d ago

As long as it was developed by a decent team, and had a reasonable development period, then I'm fine with it. If people want to play CoD on the go, good for them. Personally I would prefer a BF game for Vita but it doesn't seem like that will happen this year.

bothebo2829d ago

Yeah I think it would be interesting to see EA put a game on the Vita other than FIFA or one of their sport franchises. Totally want a Star Wars game.

Shinobi1002828d ago

The Stat Wars license is in Disney's hands now. So the only game we'll be seeing Lord Vader in over the next couple of years is Disney Infinity

porkChop2828d ago


Disney sold the exclusive Star Wars console game publishing rights to EA. EA said we'll see their first Star Wars game sometime in 2014. They currently have Dice working on a Battlefront reboot, Visceral working on something, and Bioware's SW game is likely KoTOR 3.

dcj05242828d ago

Cod is the perfect handheld game. No skill required, quick matches, easy pick up and put down.

bjmartynhak2829d ago

Probably a mistake, but... let's see

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