A Redesign is the Last Thing the PS Vita Needs

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

Handhelds often get redesigned. Nintendo redesigned the DS four times, the 3DS is already on its second model, and Sony tweaked the PSP design five times. A PS Vita redesign is inevitable, but currently it’s the last thing the struggling handheld needs.

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GdaTyler2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

What the PS Vita needs is MORE AAA GAMES. Not more and more indie titles and ports. If you keep feeding it nothing more than less than $20 indie titles it won't succeed. There can't be a price drop unless there is a truckload of good games on the horizon which will sell it (Killzone and Tearaway come to mind) A redesign won't help because it will leave current Vita owners in a shadow. Just give us the games we want.

GoW Vita, Infamous Vita, Syphon Filter Vita, NBA 2K Vita, GTA Vita, Bioshock Vita, Metal Gear Vita, Locoroco Vita, Patapon 4 Vita, Last of Us Vita, Naruto Storm Vita, Gravity Rush 2, Assassin's Creed Vita 2, Uncharted Vita 2 with multiplayer, A good Call of Duty Vita, A good Resistance Vita. COME ON SONY! GIVE IT SOME GAMES!!!!

Xof2511d ago

So the Vita needs more good, original games... and less focus on indie games and ports?

I can agree with that.

But then you seem to list sixteen games, fifteen of which would be ports of home console titles... which, as we both agree, are NOT what the Vita needs.

GdaTyler2511d ago

They don't necessarily have to be ports, they can be spin-offs.

Xof2511d ago

@GdaTyler: But is there really a difference?

We've had two very good Vita games--Golden Abyss and AC3 Liberation--that were spin-offs of home-console series. And while they were good games, ultimately, they were little more than watered-down versions of their Home Console bretheren.

Handheld consoles need handheld games. Why should Joe Q. Gamer buy a Vita now, when most of the gameplay experiences available can be replicated at equal or greater quality on a PS3?

This is one area where (and I can't believe I'm actually saying this) Nintendo knows what its doing. Ever notice how they don't do a Pokemon game on their home consoles? No Nintendogs on WiiU? Because those are essentially handheld experiences, and by keeping those handheld experiences on handhelds, they're ensuring that consumers will HAVE to play those games on handhelds.

Conversely, many of the Vita's best games do not offer handheld experiences (by which I mean games that can be gotten into quickly, and picked up/put down easily, where play can easily be partitioned into short periods of time).

I'f you don't have more than an hour to devote to Persona or Ys or Tales Of or Final Fantasy, there's little point in playing at all. Conversely, you can crack open a 3DS and play some Mario Kart for 10 minutes no problem. That's not even CLOSE to enough time to even get halfway through the tutorial of a game like FFX, Persona 4, or Gravity Rush.

GdaTyler2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )


Your comments are mostly based off of opinion rather than fact. Uncharted and Assassin's Creed Vita were excellent games and in no way watered down. Yes, they have flaws because those were the first attempts at new hardware.

The reason we buy a handheld is for a memorable portable experience. I wouldn't simply shy away from buying Uncharted Vita simply because I know the Vita version might be inferior to a PS3 Uncharted game in terms of graphics and length. I buy it because I want a new experience. Please, stop comparing home consoles to handhelds.

Also, there have been many Pokemon Games on home consoles in the past. Just not the traveling type. The traditional Pokemon games with traveling around and catching Pokemon has originally been on and better suited as a portable experience. Mario Kart is the kind of game that can be played on both handheld and home console since it is in the racing genre and is equally fun on both.

Many of the Vita games actually do offer handheld and console quality experiences and they are very enjoyable and get favourable reviews.
As I said earlier, your comments were based on opinion not fact. I agree with you only on the statement that if you are not dedicated then don't bother playing at all. Thanks for listening.

@maniacmayhem @ONESHOTV2

I don't know why everytime I make a comment on N4G that everybody agrees with anywhere else it's you guys who can't accept the truth (guess it's only N4G I guess). Name for me 15 GOOD EXCLUSIVE and ORIGINAL AAA titles the Vita has. Name them for me, if you can then good. Your telling me most of Sony's established franchises shouldn't get Vita versions? Why not. Do you only want Indies and ports. It would generate a lot of sales and appeal to most if everyone's most loved franchises got a Vita iteration. Nintendo has already put almost all of its franchises on the 3DS (SSB, Zelda, Mario Series, Pokemon etc) and I don't see anyone complaining, actually they're very happy. Yet when someone says "Hey Maybe we should have [insert popular Sony franchise] on Vita!" they say "No, we don't need ports" or "I won't play it!"

ONESHOTV22511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

so your saying that indie games cant move the system a game like minecraft could make the system sell.....and your listing all the typical home console games yeah we need a GTA and GT god of war and what not... but the vita also needs some thing new like gravity rush 2 i would play this over most of the games u just listed

ritsuka6662511d ago

True. The games are what moved units and at this time, nothing the Vita has or that has been announced is a system AAA seller.

d3nworth12511d ago

Exactly Sony has dozens of first party studios and not making games for their own system.

GdaTyler2511d ago

You know what? You're the only commenter that makes sense.
I can't bother replying to these morons.

Just like I said, Sony has so many studios and franchises. So just let them go to waste?! Make some Vita exclusive games darn it! When I go anywhere else everyone says they want their favourite franchise to have a Vita version. What's wrong with that. It doesn't necessarily have to be a port. Are Assassin's Creed III Liberation, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary ports? They are not. Some people need to grasp the difference between a PORT and a SPIN-OFF. All the games listed above have their own story. God some these users on N4G are so dumb.

maniacmayhem2511d ago

The Vita has more than enough AAA games. I don't understand what more some people on this site want from this system.

Some claim they want more games then they list a bunch of games that are old. The Vita has way more newer titles and IP's then just the same regular ones everybody lists out.

Hicken2511d ago

I really hate agreeing with you, but I have to agree here, because it's simple fact.

tubers2510d ago

No it doesn't even Sony is disappointed by the sales several times already.

AAA games are the life blood of this device.

It's not enough to meet even Sony's standards.

maniacmayhem2510d ago


What does sales of the Vita have to do with AAA games?

There are plenty of AAA games for the Vita, that and how it is doing in sales are totally non related.

PrimeGrime2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

No offense but this typical Vita resonse gets so old. Beg for more games but then ask for games we have already gotten on consoles for the most part.

I am not saying the system can't get those well known franchises but it just seems somewhat contradicting to ask for games like that. Then to ask for nothing but old games mainly that have been released several times now other than few.

Not like I would expect The Last of Us on PS Vita but it would be awesome if that did happen.

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TomShoe2511d ago

Drop the price while you're at it.

slivery2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

You can buy one at target right now for $200. Can't imagine how much more people expect the price to get lower. There have been tons of sales and places to get it cheaper.

I mean the 3DS XL is selling for $199.99 and people are expecting a device that is technically far more advanced for cheaper?

That I do not get.

dragon822511d ago

The thing the Vita needs most in my opinion is a price cut. I doubt they could afford to do it but a $150 Vita would be awesome. The games are there if you are willing to go outside the normal franchises that are present on every console.

Sony also needs to advertise it as competition for the 3DS and NOT the PS3/360. The media is hell bent on comparing every Vita game to PS3 games because of how good they look compared to other portable systems but it is just not fair to the Vita. It is a portable system and not a home console.

francknara62511d ago

Sony thinks price cut+redign -> units sold -> more games made -> more units sold.

I think more games made -> units sold -> MOAR games made.

DarkBlood2511d ago

what the vita freaking needs is a red colour release :P

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