Zelda: Wind Waker HD supports Pro Controller, file size revealed

The Wii U GamePad isn’t the only controller supported in Zelda: Wind Waker HD.

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InTheZoneAC2823d ago

why doesn't every wii u game support the pro controller?

if it did then I'd already have a wii u

stragomccloud2823d ago

Most do. That said, after a while I started almost exclusively using the gamepad because of how comfortable and useful it is.

falcon972823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

The games that make sense use it end of ive not played a game yet that doesnt suppot it ???

But i must say GAMEPAD feels more comfortable for me easy,i like the high quality sound that comes out that thing,and it feels very sturdy,i mean Nintendo go out their way to give you a special GAMEPAD and u want to use the wiiu pro ???

josephayal2823d ago

GOOD news, Nintendo themselves are barely using the gamepad

falcon972823d ago

Nintendo have used the GAMEPAD to great effect in Nintendo land and super mario,super luigi,and pikimin ???? what are u on about....

Brucis2823d ago

>supporting an alternate control style means they aren't supporting the normal one

You're an idiot. Them giving you the option to use the pro controller doesn't mean they won't be utilizing the gamepad.


played the demo, gamepad is the way to go for zelda games, so much easier to control your weapons and inventory

falcon972823d ago

Well said you can have a bubble m8.

EliteGameKnight2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Man, I'm looking forward to this game! definantly one of my favorite zeldas.

BOWZER352823d ago

I love the pro controller, but I still choose the gamepad over it. I like that you can see the map on Pikmin 3 for example, and it makes it way easier. But, every game should be supported with the pro controller, because sometimes it's good to switch it up.

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