Zone of the Enders: how Konami remade its own HD remake

Digital Foundry on how The Second Runner finally got the remastering treatment it deserved.

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Yea, yea, yea it was great to get a hd remake but I really expect to see a pt. 3 next-gen or IMMA START FLIPPING COFFEE TABLES AROUND THIS B% [email protected]&!

wishingW3L3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

they already cancelled part 3 due to the lackluster sales of the collection. ;(

edit: I find funny that the game mostly ran around 20 frames but with the patch it not only runs at 60 frames now but it's 1080p too!

pyramidshead3574d ago

There's been no real official statement about it being totally cancelled...the last thing Kojima said in an interview was a question to fans asking if we really wanted a next gen Zone of The Enders game. So far nothings been said since. I'm gonna keep the faith until official word pisses all over my fire lol. The remake of the remake is actually really good so I'm hoping that increases sales some what.

Ripsta7th3574d ago

@Pyramid- i think kojima should make a teaser trailer for a next gen Zone showing the badass next gen graphics so people will take notice, i dont think this title is widely known now