My Adventures in Superhero Gaming

After Comic-Con’s stellar attendance this year, it’s arguable that superheroes are becoming just as popular as they were in the golden age of comics. Recently experiencing a large renaissance, it’s hard to look anywhere without seeing news or posters of a big time reboots for these crime fighting do-gooders. What was once perceived as a shameful pastime of reading comic books has turned into a stylish art form, bringing with it a rebirth of the graphic novel. Since then, popular superheroes and villains have spawned booming game franchises such as the widely acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. They’ve even been included in other franchises, for instance, Marvel vs. Capcom.

Needless to say that not every superhero game is a jewel. Numerous titles are simply unplayable, Superman 64, for example, is as harmful to the superhuman genre as a lump of Kyrptonite. It contends for the crown as one of the worst video games of all time. Therein lies the hunt for a decent superhero themed adventure. Once a hidden gem that features a few interesting crime fighters is discovered, it’s a beautiful marriage of interaction and empowerment.

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