All PS Vitas $199 at Target August 18-24

[UPDATE] The Target weekly ad for August 18-24 released today confirms the price cut. All PlayStation Vita systems are $199 through the end of the week.

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SynGamer2512d ago

Excellent price, especially considering the great games coming for the system this Fall.

Pixel_Enemy2512d ago

Right before Killzone Mercenary launches!

UltimateMaster2511d ago

Right before Killzone Mercenary Beta launches, the game gets released later this year.

Pixel_Enemy2511d ago

lol it launches Sept 10th.

Canary2512d ago

What great games?

I've got Ys: Memories of Celceta on my to-buy list, but beyond that I'm not seeing anything even remotely interesting on the Vita.

Genuine-User2512d ago

Rayman Legends
Killzone Mercenary
Batman Arkham Origins

Many indie games

NukaCola2512d ago

Oh yeah....Batman on Vita is a Metroidvania style game and I'm super excited for it. Much more than the console games.

Mounce2512d ago

'What Great Games'....

Rich. There's 2-3 handfuls of great games that are completely going off the radar... Do some proper research.

Canary2512d ago

I fail to see how Tearway and a few multiplats qualify as multiple "handfuls."

If I'm unaware of some big games, inform me, like Genuine-User did, don't just post some lame defensive-fanboy crap.

Mounce2512d ago

I could easily provide you with a huge-ass list that could be pulled from Wikipedia itself. However, if you're so full of yourself and are only here to antagonize others while being incapable of doing ACTUAL bloody research yourself. I find myself doing research and putting effort to compiling a whole list of exclusives that have already arrived outside of Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice or the 10+ others that you're ignorant about - To be a waste of my time.

You don't seem like the type to change your mind even if presented evidence especially. You'd likely take a given list that shows potential in quality and go "Dont care, don't care, woop dee doo" and start checking them all off just as a means to troll rather than to indulge in how you are infact wrong.

That, is why I don't make a List -FOR- You, do your own research and find yourself at fault by your own power. Don't expect it to be everyone elses job to show you why you're wrong as if you have no hands, no will, no power. I've given lists way too often to prove people like yourself wrong too much as is.

UltimateMaster2511d ago

Ys is a great game.
Like RPGs? then try:
-Dragon Crown
-Ragnarok Odysseys Ace
-Valhalla Knights 2

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dcj05242512d ago

Bought it on black friday with the assassin's creed bundle for that price. The thing is FANTASTIC for long road trips. Play a game for a hour. Put some music on. Watch a video. I really like the multitasking.

s8anicslayer2512d ago

Maybe they'll lower the price of those ridiculously over priced memory cards.

dcj05242512d ago

Agreed. My 16 gb isn't enough and 32gb for $80 is absurd.

pwnsause_returns2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

i dont know who dissagreed with you, but the fact remains that this is the ultimate barrier for purchasing a vita.

IMightBeRetarded2512d ago

Was terraria pushed back to the fall? I haven't heard much about it, and I was really excited for a mobile release.

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nick3092512d ago

Wow, people should buy it for this price, though sony might confirm a new vita model, i say rather wait a few days to see if the rumor is true.

clrlite2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I don't like having to agree with you on this, but if the new model is really amazing, you might be right about waiting.

I would buy it ASAP for $199 anyway if I hadn't already found a deal on one.

PrimeGrime2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

It makes no sense, they aren't profiting off the ones they currently have. They aren't going to release a new model until the ones they have now become profitable.

That is like Nintendo just dropping the Wii U and releasing a new version of it. It just doesn't make sense business wise as all that cost them even more money to do.

Every time news comes out for the Vita people always scream new model and price drop. Besides the new model rumor has already been put in the tin, there was no source and it was just made up to once again stir up nonsense.

Just like every other time there has been big news for the PS Vita. There is always some rumor about a new model or people saying there will be one without any proof. It doesn't even make sense from a business point of view to have a new model one year and half into it's life.

If you notice it always takes Sony about 2 years at least and then a new model is announced shortly after that.

So maybe next year the 2000 model is a possibility but not this year.

Just like always though it will probably be the same thing just thinner... and yea people always say "Well they changed the specs of the PSP". No they didn't, all they did was increase the clock speed and made it thinner.

Amazingmrbrock2512d ago


With the psp they also gave it a better screen, increased the ram, added a microphone. In fact they didn't increase the clock speed at all with new versions. The clock speed was firmware reduced at launch and was increased later by unlocking it with new firmware.

3-4-52512d ago

kinda broke, otherwise I'd get one. Hoping for a better deal around christmas but this is a really good deal for the Vita.

LOGICWINS2512d ago

Well, I have a local Target a few blocks from my apartment. Its been there for about two years and for as long as I can remember, it had a Vita kiosk towards the back of the store. I went this Monday with a few friends and the kiosk was still there, but the Vita was gone. It didnt think much of it at the time, but its possible that they did this to replace it with a redesigned model.

With Gamescom, this Vita sale, and the sudden removal of the display Vita from the store, all of this happening at the same time cant be a coincidence.

clrlite2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Its unlikely that they will introduce a new model at this time. Like I just mentioned to Prime, it would be much cheaper and more practical for them to enhance it via updates like the PSP(if possible), introduce some new colors, a new marketing campaign, a price drop, Ps4 integration features, etc.

The money they save doing what I mentioned above would allow them to drop the price of the Vita to $199 permanently and they wouldn't have to release a prohibitively expensive new model since price point is an issue currently.

I didn't give you that disagree btw and just gave you an agree for the info.

If they do come out with a redesign it might be for a big reason and they may even still offer the current design in some form.

Hicken2512d ago

... it's more likely it was stolen.

At the GameStop I worked at, ours was snatched about a week after we got it. Funny thing is: this was pre-launch, so there was no way to charge the thing. In other words: he stole a console that'd be a brick in a few hours, and didn't even have games to play on it.

Now, things are different. You can buy a charger for it for little cash, and despite what people like Canary think, there's plenty of games already on it AND upcoming that are worth a look.

LOGICWINS2512d ago

"... it's more likely it was stolen."

Thats possible too lol.

demise2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

lower price= more love to psvita!

Subzero2002512d ago

vita is on its last legs, and i don't think people will care much how much the price drops without real games.

bjmartynhak2512d ago

I don't get it... I have 4 AAA games pre-ordered. 2 exclusives for the Vita, 1 exclusive for handhelds and 1 port.

And there are lots of already released games. Vita has games.

Subzero2002512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

ok what are these aaa games? because i haven't heard of any, especially since the vita isnt selling. Games sell systems, and you idiots who disagreed obviously know nothing seeling that the vita is basically being ignored. Name one AAA game that has even sold in the neighborhood of a game like animal crossing.

bulbulito2512d ago

just to be on the same page, how would you define a AAA game? is it production budget? community reception? preorders / sales volume?

are we talking about AAA exclusives? or multi-platform?

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