Google Cache reveals info on Ubisoft's next-gen game Fighter Within

Just a few days ago, newly discovered domain registrations hinted at a next-gen game by Ubisoft called Fighter Within. Not much was known about the game at the time, except for the domain names and the fact they redirected visitors to a “Coming Soon” page on Ubisoft’s official website. Thanks to Google Cache, a snapshot of the official website was stored on August 16, revealing several details about the game, which promises to provide users the excitement of a real fight and will be offered on the Xbox One and take advantage of the Kinect technology. Ubisoft has since pulled the website, but not before Google Cache snagged a copy.

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Bigpappy2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

They need a few of these games that showcase the new Kinect, and they need them to be really good.

Having games like these in the malls and game stores will attract lots of attention to X1 during this shopping season.

We shall soon see if the new Kinect can help or hurt X1. I am very excited to see this game. Seeing what Kinect 2 is capable of is the most exciting thing about Gamescom for me.

JunioRS1012829d ago

This is actually pretty interesting.

I'm sure people who are not lazy will love it haha

r212829d ago

An xbox one exclusive from Ubisoft? Hmm, didnt expect that. Guess this will be one of the titles to pop up during Gamescom.

No_Limit2829d ago

Didnt Ubisoft already made a Kinect fighter on the x360?

Skate-AK2829d ago

Yep. Fighters Uncaged. IGN gave it a 3.0 and it has a 32/100 on Metacritic.

dcj05242829d ago


pacostacos2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Xbox is coming hard with the exclusives a kinect fighter if executed properly can be awesome and this shows that devs are willing to put in the work for kinect now that it comes in every box and a guaranteed large install base for the peripheral... hopefully it doesnt suck!

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