If Microsoft Had A Crossover Fighter

GaminRealm: "We all know Nintendo's crossover fighter series Super Smash Bros., and Sony has their recent Playstation All-Stars that launched last year. But what about Microsoft? Xbox fans are still left in the cold when it comes comes to a game series that includes a mash-up of Microsoft-owned stars."

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porkChop2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I don't think Microsoft has enough well known characters to make a big enough roster for a crossover fighting game. That's probably why they haven't done it. Maybe sometime in the future when they have more characters and franchises.

And yes, I know this is a joke article.

Swiggins2822d ago

They'd definitely have to pull in a lot of 3rd party characters to even make an effort.

hennessey862822d ago

They could make up characters, I can see it now " Microsoft man vs vs the windows widow" but nothing would win against "original Xbox controller boy" who just crushes everything in his path

admiralvic2822d ago

@ Kennessey86

Even as a joke... it still wouldn't be a cross over fighter. Just a bunch of stupid accessories fighting.

@ others

M$ doesn't have enough diversity or exclusives to really make this shine. They could put in a couple Halo guys, Gears of War guys, a car from Forza (Sega used a car in their fighting game, why not M$?), maybe Alan Wake, but beyond this we're looking at a lot of distance fighters and third party add ons.

Gamer6662821d ago

Banjo Kazoiee, Gears Characters, Halo Characters, Killer Instinct Characters, Captain Smiley from Comic Jumper, Mr/Ms Splosionman, ilomilo Characters, Perfect Dark characters, Kameo characters, Gunstringer characters, Viva Pinata characters, Battletoads characters, Grabbed by the Ghoulies Characters, Crackdown Characters, and Conker Characters...

Doesn't look like MS lacks characters.

porkChop2821d ago

I said well known characters. The majority of those games wouldn't be known to the masses. In order for this type of game to be successful you need a lot of new, relevant characters. Obviously you can have some legacy/classic characters, but the roster cannot be full of them otherwise the game won't resonate with enough people.

Like I said before, later this gen, or maybe next gen, Microsoft will have built up enough relevant core franchises to make a game like this happen. Right now it just wouldn't make sense.

Gamer6662821d ago


Someone who is not familiar with sony would say the same about the PS characters... What do they have?

Drake, God of War?

iMaim2822d ago

Don Mattrick
Super: “180-Zynga Combo"

gnothe12822d ago

playstation allstars had a bunch of 3rd party characters an multiple characters from a few exclusive games..MS could take 3 from gears 3 from halo alan wake one from fable an viva pinata an a few 3rd party characters an we have the same game...but why would they..those games just dont sell like that..

admiralvic2822d ago

4 regular and 1 DLC is a bunch now? The game also only launched with 1 game with 2 characters, which was good and evil Cole. DLC added Zeus as a second, but that was it.

"MS could take 3 from gears 3 from halo"

The problem is that you're talking about 2 sets of largely similar fighters, which would probably work better as alternate costumes. Maybe two sides for Halo, but it would be boring having a bunch of fighters using guns.

True_Samurai2822d ago

Ms aren't gonna copy one of Nintendo's popular franchises unlike some other company

Hicken2822d ago

Yeah, cuz Nintendo started the genre. I guess all the games before SSB don't count.

admiralvic2822d ago

Cross-over fighters didn't start and end with Super Smash Brothers... so I don't see the problem.

Before SSB we had King of Fighters (believe it or not, this IS a CO fighter), Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Pocket Fighter, Fighters Megamix and several games had cross over fighters in the past too.

They just have to simply make it different than SSB and we all win.

Foxgod2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Meh, wouldnt be my thing.
Killer instinct is where it is at.

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