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Rory Young:"I'm not a huge Call of Duty fan. Straight up, I've never prestiged and I couldn't tell you what the most common kill-streaks are beyond the mysterious nonsense that kills me just when I'm getting into my "zone." So when Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg walks out on stage to talk about prestiging with 10 different characters, "Clan Wars," and unlocking items in an order of your choosing, I smile and nod. Just give me and controller and a headset and we'll really see what's been changed."

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falcon972819d ago

I'm sure the version he played looked better than crysis3 or metro on say ps3 ? maybe not pc versions but come on...

Dobgamers2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Not even uncharted 2 or killzone 3, HALO 5, etc...

And they said that the ONLY differences between the current gen and next gen are Real-Time lighting, Sub D and Displacement Mapping. (and even I didn't see any differences at all, little to no difference)

Meaning that they are careless about the graphics, ok maybe I'll give them a chance because ghosts is a cross-gen title so they didn't take the advantage that the PS4 and Xbox One are giving them, I'll give a chance this time

And before anyone disagrees with me and say that I'm a CoD hater, I love Call of Duty, It's one of my favorite games of this generation (especially MW2 and MW1).

3-4-52819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Ever since WaW, I've played each new COD less and less. I still enjoy them, but less each time, regardless if it's actually a better game or not.

Played BF3 and realized just what was missing from the COD franchise.

Sometimes it's gradual, and sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks, and it was the latter for me.

I instantly realized what I had been missing from my FPS games I'd been playing and was kind of frustrated I hadn't tried the Battlefield series earlier.

I can't play 4-5 hours sessions of COD anymore, I get bored after a few games, yet in BF3, even with mostly terrible maps, I've put in twice as much time in only 2 months than I did in a year in the latest COD.

COD doesn't suck, it's not awful, but it's not getting any better. COD Peaked somewhere around COD3,WaW,MW1, and has stayed at that level ever since, actually slightly decreasing I'd say.

If past COD games sold 10 million on each console, this one will do slightly less, and next year's, slightly less than that, until they address making some drastic changes to the way COD is played.

There is too much competition out there now for them to dominate like they have the past 6 years.

dark-hollow2819d ago

The problem with cod imho is not being a linear shooter with max 12 players. That's a design choice, and a lot of people prefer fast paced shooters like cod.

The problem is they are doing very little to improve the game, in fact scratch that, their might be differences between say the first modern cod (modern warfare 1) and the latest cod, black ops 2, but the problem is between those two games, there has been four games with new content introduced little by little.

3-4-52819d ago

Yea I see what your saying, and I enjoy fast paced shooters too, but their needs to be skill involved.

There is no skill in walking towards a small area on map and getting hit by 3 nades, respawning infront of an enemy, die, respawning again and getting naded 4 seconds later.

Whoever got those 3 kills on me, NO skill was involved.

There are no gun battles really.

In BF, at certain times, it feels like what I've seen real gun battles on Military documentaries feels like. It at least approaches realism and uses a skill base to establish who is better.

You NEED teamwork in BF to win, in COD you just need to get lucky.

Dedicated serves also helps you avoid playing that crappy map you hate 5 times in a row.

COD has value, but it used to be fun. It's kind of boring now.

COD could be saved if they went back to WW2 era, because nobody is doing that now.

When THEY were THE WW2 game to play, it was amazing, but everyone was doing WW2, and it got old.

Now, everything is "modern" and it's not as appealing.

WW2 weapons take more skill to use because they rely more on aim skill and player skill than tech and attachments to compensate.

gamingfriend2819d ago

Must say they have done ok even job even though they using a revamped engine, but for me bf4 is still top of my list but may borrow the game and see what its like online, but im not getting my hopes up.

gamingfriend2819d ago

3-4-5 bf3 is epic been playing battlefield series since bad company and never looked back, bf4 is going to kill all competition my friend :)

mcstorm2819d ago

Looks nice and im sure it will sell well again but for me im not getting any fps game this year as spending the last 7 years playing fps games im having a rest for 12 months or so as I've missed some amazing games this gen due to getting fps games.

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