Bigger isn't always Better: The Open World Obsession

Is bigger better or can less be more? We look at recent examples in Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire, and see what the best and worst case scenarios of open world games are.

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trywizardo2821d ago

being dumb isn't always funny ... you have a brain use it and stop acting like attention-whore

Hicken2820d ago

What was the point of this comment?

trywizardo2820d ago

troll the idiot who wrote this article he is clearly don't have some readers and now he trolls big games like GTA to have them its clearly a dumb post

snipab8t2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

You have a point. Just Cause 2, while undoubtedly fun, soon got incredibly boring but mainly due to the horrible A.I.
The reason Rockstar games are so great is primarily due to their use of the Euphoria game engine which provides realistic NPC interaction and makes shootouts,driving and general play so much more enjoyable than other games such as SR3 and JC2.
Also, L.A. Noire was developed by Bondi Studios in Australia and was published, not developed, by Rockstar.

dcj05242820d ago

Mmos do a good job. It being real players and all. Rockstar oughta make GTA ONLINE at least 32 players. (64-150 would be the best)

spaceg0st2820d ago

Lol.. Gamers will find a reason to whine somehow. For years it's complaints about narrow linear paths in games and how invisible walls hurt the immersion of the video games...

Now it's whining about open world.
Open worlds = better, it's just up to the developer to fill it properly