Opinion | Geez Guys, Give Microsoft a Break

Editor Greg Bargas provides his take on Microsoft and the Xbox One. In his opinion piece, he explains how we should knock off the Xbox One hate and give Microsoft a little break. After all, the company listened and provided.

Isn't that what we wanted?

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Silly gameAr2824d ago

Geez, stop with these give Microsoft a break articles please? There's like a new one written everyday. Let people feel how they want to feel.

HammadTheBeast2824d ago

Yeah, what is up with these articles this week?

MS did try to screw people over, let's accept and stop making these apologetic articles trying to defend this.

Yes they've changed, and it's great, but without all of the hate (and more importantly, pre-orders), the same trash policies would still exist.

rela82me2824d ago

Every time I read one of these articles it makes me think of this:

wishingW3L2824d ago

if it were Sony the one in this position I bet things would be so different. lol

HammadTheBeast2824d ago

No they got hit pretty hard back in early PS3 days.

TrollCraftTales2824d ago

No, Back when PS3 was released they had almost the same backlash...

MasterCornholio2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

You already forgot?

Let me refresh your memory.


If you want a PS3 you will have to work harder for one.

599€ price tag oh noes we dont need blu ray.

PS3 haz no gamez

Trust me the PS3 got bashed like crazy when it launched which is why Sony made a tremendous effort to prevent the same from happening to the PS4.

Edit: I was mostly a Sony gamer but when the PS3 came out i got myself a 360 because of the cheaper price tag and Bioshock which was exclusive to 360. Then Kinect happened :(

garos822824d ago

from the same website in don't look like they gave Sony much of a break.

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LaWiiG2824d ago

You're so silly, gamer.

Thomper2823d ago

It's probably because the MS / XB1 bashing is getting really predictable and really quite boring - hence numerous supportive viewpoints and opinion starting to surface.

90% of the ranting is coming from PS Fanboys who are insecure in their purchasing choices and obviously a little immature...oh, not to mention hypocritical.

It's time to start looking at games, not Ram and Mark Cernis creepy eyebrows.

We are all "allegedly" gamers, so stop the bitching and start gaming!!

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Jiggins992824d ago

these articles just remind me of why i hate microsoft. They decide on a new money grabbing policy and when everyone complains they revoke it and expect people to forgive them and even praise them for "doing the right thing"

chrissx2824d ago

Microsoft r just like umbrella shady.

Godmars2902824d ago

And still I'm reminded of the coming headache *some* XB1 owners are going to have to face with the one-time online requirement. That once all - most of - this mess subsides that they'll only continue an agenda which will only consider internet connected consumers.

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The story is too old to be commented.