New WWE 2K14 Trailer Showcases the Roster of “30 Years Of Wrestlemania” and a Surprise

Today 2K Sports finally revealed the star spangled roster for the “30 Superstars of Wrestlemania” mode of the upcoming game WWE 2K14, showcasing it in a rather spectacular trailer.

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BLAKHOODe2820d ago

Which one was considered "the surprise"? Yokozuna? If that is who you are talking about, that isn't much of a surprise. Chris Benoit would have been a surprise. Maybe Batman. I definitely wouldn't have seen Batman coming.

Abriael2820d ago

Goldberg :D Last but not least. For me it was a big surprise

MrBeatdown2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I'm so glad to finally have Goldberg. He sucks as a wrestler, but definitely seems like he'd be fun to play as.

I'm not really surprised though, after they announced WM was the focus. Unless they were going to add yet another version of Undertaker and Kane to represent WM20, they had to add Goldberg for the Goldberg Vs. Lesnar match.

It was either that or add Angle for the WWE title match, or Benoit for the WHC match, and neither of those were gonna happen.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2820d ago

Batman :D! They'll need Bane in there aswell. Break Batmans BACK!

YourGreatUncle2820d ago

I think it was Hogan. I was surprised considering he's apart of TNA.

Abriael2820d ago

Hulk hogan was revealed a few days ago

WhatAboutBigBob2819d ago

Hogan's TNA Contract states that he can use his own likeliness however he pleases, even if it means being placed in the competitions video game.

Had they not given him that contract, he most likely wouldn't be in TNA right now.

The surprise was Goldberg.

bilzdabest2819d ago

He has has a contract that allows him to be in wwe games.

taz80802820d ago

The Canadian crippled would be awesome and someof the other horseman as well.

I'm hoping the create a character is deep so anyone missing can be created.

Deadpoolio2820d ago

Well they will never put the disgusting woman and child murder in a WWE game again, so people should probably just get that notion out of their head...Too bad that douche bag didn't just off himself and leave everyone else alone

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STK0262820d ago

Can't wait to see what 2K and the WWE have in store when it comes to Wrestlemania XX. Will it be HHH versus HBK, with the winner being blacked out? Will the game have Eddie Guerrero? Will we see Eddie embrace Rey Mysterio at the end, or will it be Eddie with a random Canadian? Will they have HHH win the World Heavyweight championship and bury Chris Benoit even after his death? What about Angle, since he's not in the game, but still had numerous Wrestlemania matches; will they simply be ignored?

As for the confirmed wrestlers, what's the point of having retro Taker and current Taker when the latter is a throwback to the former. The game does have american badass Taker, so why not put him in the roster announcement. Why does it seem like retro HHH is just HHH with longer hair, DX era HHH would have been a better choice if you're going to put 2 HHH in the game. Will Randy Orton face the Undertaker as "the viper" or will we also have the young and cocky legend killer? Will Batista have his "I walk alone" theme, or will they give him his old instrumental theme in order to save a few bucks on royalties?

And, while it's nice to have the game celebrate the history of Wrestlemania, not having the Dudleys nor the Hardy boyz, pretty much means ignoring the awesome TLC matches they had.

So many questions. So if I get this right, this year's WWE game is still using the old and outdated engine AND it's main single player mode will likely filled with holes and anachronisms, all of that in addition of not being released on next gen consoles. New publisher, but same old game. I really can't wait.

Deadpoolio2820d ago

Too much pointless crap in your questions, any more knows that they Dudley's, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle all employees of TNA wrestling, COMMON SENSE....Why exactly would it make a god damned difference if it's viper or legend killer, that's extremely moronic...And are you that big of a jackhole that you don't grasp the concept that sucmbag sickos like Benoit will never be in a WWE game ever again? Too bad he didn't off himself and leave his wife and kid alone

STK0262820d ago

It matters because that's the gimmick he had for most of his more memorable Wrestlemania moments. Would it matter if they had Hollywood Hogan face off against Andre the Giant? Yes it would, because that wasn't his gimmick at the time. The same applies for Randy.

As for Benoit, his actions are unforgivable, but he was in one of the main events of WM XX; and the most memorable moment of WM XX was the embrace between Eddie and Chris, as by that point, they had both made it to the top. Instead, the game will likely have either Taker vs Kane or, God forbid, the dreadful Brock vs Goldberg match; and with both retro Brock and Goldberg being in the game, I fear they will be the latter.

As for those who are now with TNA wrestling (with the exception of Hogan who has a deal with the WWE allowing them to use him in their games despite him being signed with TNA), it still doesn't change the fact that their matches were iconic and stole the show.

If the plan is to have fans relive the most memorable Wrestlemania moments, this is not the way to do it. If it's just another for the WWE to try and rewrite their own history like they've tried to do so many times in the past, then fine, this is exactly the way to do it.

And, finally, no need for personal insult; that was completely necessary.

younglj012820d ago

Holy Goldberg shit...ok 2k can't want for your exclusive next-gen consoles WWE title...

Enigma_20992820d ago

Why are retro characters used as separate characters? Seems like they're padding out the roster.

BLAKHOODe2820d ago

They have different move-sets, look and entrances than the more modern versions of the characters.

taz80802820d ago

They did this with the UFC game also, older version of fighters had different stats.

bilzdabest2819d ago

Becouse merging together two different entrances and move sets waste disk space. Plus this is just storyline wrestlers

Enigma_20992819d ago

Merging two wrestlers into one wastes disc space?

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