Assault on the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Servers Continues, Two New Worlds Created

Players are continuing to take the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn servers by storm, forcing square Enix to lock character creation on old servers and open new ones.

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jjb19812822d ago

Great game, paid for I can't wait

fsfsxii2822d ago

Exactly been downloading for 18 hours now and its at 28% -__-

maximus19852822d ago

Please tell me how do I get on the beta for ps3

fsfsxii2822d ago

I registered into the beta ever since Phase 2. They gave me codes and such but none of them worked -__-
I checked my email yesterday. They gave me a third code and it magicaly worked :)

Reborn2822d ago

EU: https://secure.square-enix....

US: https://secure.square-enix....

After you fill it out, check email. However, you got a day, and few hrs, maybe less to try it out.

maximus19852822d ago

thanks guys, :) i just got the code! im gonna make the most of this i appreciate the info

jerethdagryphon2822d ago

really i dled the client in under an hour :) cant get in the world i need to though

shammgod2822d ago

Weird. Took me 30-40 mins to download

Zerogamer2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Game is pretty fun though I don't think I will play it enough to justify the subfee.

dcj05242822d ago

Yeah. If it didn't have a subscription fee I would be all over this. Oh well. Maybe down the line they'll get rid of it.

shammgod2822d ago

The subscription does its job. Weeds out clowns like you

Mainsqueeze2821d ago

Or they don't feel a sub fee justifies another same old same old MMO with the only difference being you play as 12 year olds and furrys instead of orcs and elves.

Magicite2821d ago

No, they wont - look at FF11.

dcj05242821d ago

I'm a clown because I don't want to pay $13 a month. Gotcha. So how does that work?

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kevnb2822d ago

i didn't think they could turn this around, it really sucked before it was reborn.

NegativeCreepWA2822d ago

Been playing all weekend so far, great game. For all the ps3 players that are new to mmos, know that these problems are pretty normal for mmos at launch and everything should get better in a few weeks. Stick with it, it'll be worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.