Next-Gen Needs To Get Rid Of Generic Zombie Games

OnlySP: One of the most common videogame tropes next to square-jaw, gravelly voiced marines and legendary space heroes is the re-animated corpse that is the “zombie”. Zombies and their variations have been featured in so many current-gen classics, from the iconic first-person shooter series Call of Duty to the grim and emotional The Walking Dead. Yet has the golden age of zombies come and gone? Should we abandon the “zombie” genre for next-gen or allow it to shuffle on for the next console era? Here’s what I think.

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Jiggins992829d ago

if people play them then they deserve to be there. zombies on cod is played a lot.


I wish treyarch would make dead rush that was to come out on ps2 and Xbox but it was cancelled. It had huge potential.

urwifeminder2829d ago

I would rather typical period games with the same fantasy beasts and boring open world fetch quests died also get to the chopper levels.

Radamantous2829d ago

That's right I'm gonna buy ps4, them I will wait for games like Days, Left for dead and something new...we hope.

quaneylfc2829d ago

I think a more important issue would be how many people use the word generic, get a more extensive vocabulary please

AgentSmithPS42829d ago

You'll have to take my zombies from my cold dead hands...

As long as a new game is fun it doesn't matter if it's been done before. "dying light" looks cool and it's pre-alpha.

Just give me my PS4 and games of all kinds!

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