Battlefield 4 Gamescom Trailer Shows Veteran With 8,000 Hours in the Series and Gameplay

Electronic Arts released a quite interesting trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 4 to celebrate Gamescom.

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nick3092513d ago

Proof that gaming is for every age.

Abriael2513d ago

if it needed any evidence :D

pixelsword2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

He's probably practicing for WWIII


Pisque2512d ago

It definitely needed it, almost nobody over the age of 30 play videogames. Not because the games are bad, but mostly because they don't know much about them.

T22511d ago

@pisque - dude you are so wrong you have no clue. You think all of us who grew up with atari, NES/famicon just died and went away? Not a chance.

Majin-vegeta2513d ago

Well according to all the 12 year olds.I've come across if you're 21 and older you're a worthless POS without a life and should be working instead of playing video games -_-.

cyguration2513d ago

I always tell those little boogers... "Do your parents know you're on this late? If not, STFU and go do your homework."

finbars752512d ago

I agree I hear it, not all the time but I hear it at times.When I last checked I have a career job,two kids,a wife,two animals,a mortgage,two cars and my hobbie is videogames.I guess 12 year olds havnt reached that point in life to understand what a future is like where alot of us have that knowledge.Boy there going to be in for a rude awakening in a few years.


i always point out that its an 18 rated game so if anyone should be playing it it should be me.... then i like to ask them hows it feel being owned by a grown man in his 30's ?

dcj05242512d ago

What kind of pos 12 year older does that. There are like 7 kids/teens in my clan and their never like that. I geuss their a rare breed.

Kevin ButIer2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

You need to play like 8 hours a day for almost 3 years to catch that guy... i salute him

pixelsword2512d ago

@ Majin

He has to be a PC player because console kids would probably tease him; but the way the economy is going, those kids mocking people now could be hard-up when they have to pay for their own games.

ForgivenZombie2512d ago

They're just jealous that we can do whatever we want.

Orionsangel2512d ago

You know how many 12 year olds I've shut up with my skills on COD? Too many to count and I'm 40. They start bitching. The mute button comes in handy >:)

pixelsword2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

@ Orionsaint:

If some kid harasses you, tell them that you mastered better games than he's capable of playing when he was being cooled-off by the sweat of his dad's ba11s.

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finbars752513d ago

I agree gaming is for everyone.Theres another gentleman on twitch tv who streams and I believe he is 67 and hes awsome as hell.I mean im not there yet but im almost 39 and love playing videogames.been there from the start of it all and plan on being there until the end of my time.I hope others appreciate what they have in todays gaming world because we really had nothing back then but two paddle controllers and a ball moving back and forth on the screen and even having to type in words on what to do in every shape and gaming to you guys.

SnotyTheRocket2512d ago

Whats the 67 year old gamers Twitch name? I wanna see this.

babis19742512d ago

i am 39 and i hope to play till my last days...think how games will be in 10 years!!!games are for everyone

finbars752512d ago

SnotytheRocket his name is BruteforceOAP and hes 64 not 67 sorry about that.Check him out anyone else on twitch tv.Cool guy and is very outgoing.Usually plays BF3 but plays Black ops2 every now and then.

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Salooh2512d ago

He also have a good taste lol

TwistedMetal2512d ago

im gonna team kill that old man and finish him with a T-bag


TheSaint2512d ago

'Hashtags' are literally the lamest thing I have ever seen come out of the internet.

Potato22512d ago

He would probably kick your ass.

JunioRS1012512d ago

Haha exactly.

I was so surprised to see how old this guy was lol I didn't think elderly folks even played video games, let alone knew what the good games were!

Good for him. Power to the players.

starchild2512d ago

Gaming is great because it is a hobby you can do for your entire life.

CRAIG6672512d ago

How come this thread is full of mature people making mature comments but every other corner seems inhabited with 13 year old fanboys?

ZBlacktt2512d ago

Proof that BF4 is for the adult mature gamer who wants more realism.

_LarZen_2512d ago

@Pisque Most gamers I know are over 30 years old, some are over 50...

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theWB272513d ago

That was epic. Here's to hoping for finger dexterity, vision, and great awareness to game until.....

unprotected2513d ago

God I hate the BF series, I just never got into it, I dont care what

Abriael2513d ago

Thanks for sharing bro.


... "any of you say, CoD is the BEST GAME EVER CREATED. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta catch up on my favorite show, Honey Boo Boo." -unprotected

unprotected2512d ago

I can see the BF fanboys are out tonight in force, I guess they've got bored of playing BF3

M-M2512d ago

Lmfao. Who are you again?

HappyWithOneBubble2512d ago

At least we not COD fanboys. If we were we would be cursing at you and using racial slurs. BF fans act mature most of the time.

HammadTheBeast2512d ago

The fact that you couldn't even finish your.... idk what to call it, statement(?), shows that you're probably one of those ADHD 11 year old's on CoD.

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DarthBigE2513d ago

thats me in 60 years =)
Gamer 4 Life

Abriael2513d ago

Same, just in a little less than 60 lol... god I'm old.

TwistedMetal2512d ago

so you both gonna be 60 year old virgins?

Reverent2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

You still living in the 20th century? Get outside more. Ironically, that's where you'll learn that nearly everyone games these days. Girls, guys, kids, adults, seniors... In this age, it's all pretty relative.

Neixus2512d ago

Why are you on a gaming news site when you say that gamers = virgins?
Ever heard of these so called girls? you know they can play games aswell,eh?

TwistedMetal2512d ago

8000 hours dudes and he probably shorted himself 4000 and that's on one series lol. imagine other games he played.

H0RSE2512d ago

I'm more stuck on the part where being a virgin or not amounts to anything...

Studio-YaMi2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

So now people who play video games have no interest in women,love or even having sex ?

flawless logic right there bro ..

Ben Dover2512d ago

Funny thing is TwistedMetal is probably one himself.. :|

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