Call Of The Battlefields: 'Battlefield 4' Vs. 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts'

Forbes - I’ve written a bit this week on both the enormous success of Activision’s first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty and on the newly revealed, gender-balanced Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer.

Now EA and DICE have released a series of videos of Battlefield 4 player “testimonials” accompanied by footage of some pretty crazy-looking gameplay in the game’s sprawling multiplayer mode.

To be honest, it looks pretty good—a step up even from 2011′s Battlefield 3.

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user74029312824d ago

full out war or a little map with interactive fish...

BadboyCivic2824d ago

That Fish happens to be quite intelligent with its NEW AI.

crazyeightz2823d ago

You should pat yourself in the back for being so original.

PSnation42823d ago

you must be fun at parties

quenomamen2823d ago

Infinity Ward hasnt been original since COD 4 and they get paid to be, why should this guy ?

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Indo2824d ago

Full out destruction vs A few predestructive walls.

bjmartynhak2824d ago

Glad that they have different styles.

Despite all the deserved criticism, I still have more fun with COD than with BF.

(and today there was a guy spawn-camping on BF3... With a TANK! Not cool.)

supes_242824d ago

I hate that crap!!! On BF3, on the map when you spawn on the aircraft carrier they always do this crap with the helicopters! And to top it off, the person who runs that server always has the message "no heat seeking missiles" or something to that effect. So much BS I now automatically just back out of those matches. Pure garbage, but I guess no matter what game it is people will always camp and find out a way to spawn kill unless it's prevented by the devs.

oscarmike2823d ago

hey let's be careful now. you're not allowed to say positive things about call of duty ever. it's on page 78, paragraph 5 on the video game websites manual.

battlefield is a perfect game with no campers or anything annoying ever. oh and yeah xbone sucks and ps4 rocks.

did I miss anything else?

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testo62824d ago


Funantic12823d ago

COD all day. Faster gameplay, better movement, more intense action and killstreaks. I might play the storymode on BF4.......nah, no I won't.

DomceM2823d ago

whatever works for you.

Just amazed you guys dont get bored of paying for the same game year after year.

Funantic12823d ago

BF4 should be a BF3 DLC.

DomceM2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Maybe... but if it is then it is only that because DICE /EA realized they can milk consumers by releasing early shooter games from the same franchise.

A lesson they learned from COD and activision. So you really have no one else to blame but Kotick and Co. on this one.

TheFreak2823d ago

2 years since bf3 was released...

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