GTA V: 10 Awesome Online Features You Won’t Believe

WC - The hype train for Rockstar’s GTA V continues to travel full-pelt as yet another trailer was released yesterday, revealing the previously under-wraps multiplayer element, known simply as GTA Online.

Needless to say, the Twittersphere exploded promptly afterwards, and though we hadn’t thought it possible, our expectations for this game have now been raised to even more impossible levels. If nothing else, this unveiling made it clear that GTA V really is striving to be the most ambitious and life-sapping video game ever made.

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HolyDuck2514d ago

Annoying page articles;

1. It Can Be Seamlessly Accessed
2. Sports ?????
3. Character Customisation
4. Form A Crew
5. Deathmatches
6. Property
7. Social
8. Races
9. Content Creator
10. An Evolving World

Wow, I would of never believed GTA Online would have death matches, or races. v_v

dcj05242514d ago

WOAH. DEATHMATCH? Is that like a match of death. Only the most skillful win? Why isn't this on other games?

HolyDuck2514d ago

I think it's something like Battle Royale, but we shall have to wait and see >.>

camel_toad2514d ago

I even got a sexfu*kteen pop up visiting the pages of that article. Avoid.

bohemian 232514d ago

Could you send me a link?

ZBlacktt2514d ago

Can't steal other players cars

Can't be annoying or trolling, you get reported and your name gets tagged.