Gamescom to have unannounced games from 2K and KONAMI

Both KONAMI and 2K Games will show unannounced titles at Gamescom. Here's some speculation on them.

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user74029312283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

if a new bioshock comes out fine...

bjmartynhak2283d ago

Specially a Bioshock Vita!

Alexious2283d ago

Maybe there's a chance for Vita, but I doubt a new Bioshock is coming for consoles any time soon.

showtimefolks2282d ago

E3 was more about the consoles but gamescom looks like its gonna be All about games

Can't wait

Festano2282d ago

I can not wait to see the exclusive.

slimeybrainboy2282d ago

Yeah good point actually. This might be the best gamescom yet, why would publishers want to announce their new title when all the attentions going to be on hardware and exclusives. We might see more exclusives announced than ever before at gamescom, big ones too! Let's hope!

mep692282d ago

I've got my ticket :)

iPad2282d ago

Dude, a new BioShock game came out a couple of months ago.

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user74029312283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

but i smell metal gear solid: rise of the machines. ps4

JunioRS1012282d ago

where on earth did you get that idea

The_Sneauxman2282d ago

Sounds like a Transformers movie title

The_Sneauxman2282d ago

Haha yes my movie ignorance is showing lol

CEOSteveBallmer2282d ago

That rise of the machines sound familiar. Hmmm? where have i seen that??

Benjammin252282d ago

I think we're due another Silent Hill game so I hope that's what it is.

Ashunderfire862282d ago

Its came out last year, so its just too early, plus the last one was just average at best. Its needs more time for a new idea before we see it again.

Concertoine2282d ago

Konamis running out of no-name, incapable studios to feed the franchise to.

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Lucreto2282d ago

I NEED another Suikoden.

It has been two long since the last one.

amodestoccasion2282d ago

Ooooh man, if we get a new Suikoden I will have to buy a new system... Unless it's on the 3DS, in which case I'm good :)

Gamesgbkiller2282d ago

2K will most likely be M3.

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The story is too old to be commented.