What Are Your Hopes and Fears for the PS4, PS3, and Vita at GamesCom?

Push Square: "Despite being the biggest video games convention on the planet, GamesCom rarely serves up the jaw dropping reveals that are so common at E3. The stakes are much higher this year, though, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One going head-to-head yet again. For both Sony and Microsoft, this may represent the last opportunity to sway indecisive consumers prior to release, so each manufacturer is going to need to bring its very best hand. However, there’s much more than merely the next generation at stake for the Japanese giant, as it also furthers its efforts to reignite the commercial fortunes of the flagging PlayStation Vita and attempts to solidify the PlayStation 3’s position as the budget console of choice. With just days until the company’s big press conference, we’ve pulled together a handful of Push Square writers to discuss our hopes, dreams, and fears for the big show."

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Godlovesgamers2830d ago

"What Are Your Hopes and Fears for the PS4, PS3, and Vita at GamesCom?"

It's obvious that your hope is that someone will actually click through to your website and read this drivel. Your fear is that no one will care, and I have to say with such an idiotic title I hope nobody does.

Over-sensationalize much?

Majin-vegeta2830d ago

Its actually on one page and not 50 other pages like other sites.

get2sammyb2830d ago

Sorry that you felt the headline was a touch over-the-top, I'll keep that feedback in mind. It was just a question that we posed to our editors to get some reaction ahead of GamesCom, and ended up with a short discussion piece. We did a similar thing at E3 and it went down okay, but it probably is a little bit ostentatious, I agree.

I'll take that on board for the future, and hopefully it won't skew your impression of the overall article (or site). :)

sdozzo2829d ago

No need to apologize to that a-hole.

GdaTyler2830d ago

That Vita doesn't get games. :(

tubers2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Only low tier ports and expensive indies.

No price reduction not even memory cards.

No Uncharted "tier" game (photorealistic, great set pieces, shooter) for PS4.. or GOW "tier".

dcj05242829d ago

Biggest fear:Not one AAA game for VITA. I'd rage so much everywhere.But gamescon 2012 for vita was awesome (Assassin's Creed, Killzone Mercanary, GOD EATER 2, NFSMW, Call of Duty (Worst in the series), Soul Sacrifice. Was packed with awesomeness. Hope GRAVITY RUSH 2 is at Gamescon/TGS.

Protagonist2829d ago

True, it was awesome last year, even though they are going to focus on the PS4 this year, they will probably have some cool things for the PS Vita too.

PixelKnot2829d ago

My biggest fear is near lack of Vita content.