Diablo III Invites you to a Foursome on PS3 and Xbox 360 With New Commercial

Activision Blizzard just released a hilarious new TV commercial that will be aired to promote the release of Diablo III for Xbox 360 and PS3 on September the 3rd.

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vallencer2826d ago

In todays market that is a very clever commercial haha. I chuckled a little.

badboy7762824d ago

I thought it was only coming to ps3 and ps4?

vallencer2824d ago

Nope it was just heavily advertised for the PS3 and discussed for PS4 but it is indeed coming out for the 360 at least. Not sure it they have an x1 in the works.

sorane2826d ago

Funny commercial for a very very bad game......

ThanatosDMC2826d ago

Agreed. Good advertisement for a piece $hit game. Does not deserve the Diablo name.

Mounce2826d ago

Agreed. Was one of the worst purchases in my entire gaming library, especially since I bought the Collectors Edition, in which it was also the very first online game that I had my password stolen in which Blizzard fanboys kept telling me it was my fault even though there was massive sprees of people losing their accounts at launch with Blizzards' security being questioned...

Lost all my shit even before beating Diablo for a 3rd time, rofl. Was able to get back most of my gear in an account recall but it left a bad taste in my mouth how F2P MMO's or F2P RPG's can have more fucking account security than Diablo 3 because I don't want to use some official Authentication which is very much not necessary to ensure 100% security.

ThanatosDMC2826d ago

Yeah, i dont understand why we need a damn authenticator when Blizzard cant even keep their servers protected. We're the customers and they're the one selling faulty products.

Also, the censorship in the forums. Every time i complained about the game especially after release, my account was conveniently suspend my account due to them saying it might have been hacked. WTF? Then my comment or thread gets deleted when i get back to it after going through all the BS in getting a new password and e-mail authentication and sometimes calling Blizzard.

Ripsta7th2826d ago

It will air for one day and be banned the next lol