GTA Online's Top 10 Features Hands Down

Here are the best GTA Online's Top 10 Features. GTA Online is a one of its kind game and it offers some truly unbelievable gaming experiences, check the best of them out.

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jessupj2823d ago

I'm as giddy as a school girl for this game.

I think it will def be holding me off until next gen and then some.

GarrusVakarian2822d ago

Holding me off until the next gen version, then play that too!

3-4-52822d ago

They literally have almost thought of everything.

This is what taking YEARS to make a game does for your game. You get new ideas instead of the same old.

This isn't just a step above past GTA games, this is on another planet, in terms of what it offers.

You could have 200+ hours of offline fun no problem in past games, now add the online and this is endless fun really.

It's the one true reason to keep your current gen console, more than any other game.

I think even people who don't enjoy GTA games would still find something fun to do in this game.

Lou_tenant2822d ago

Do you get a seperate map for yourself to store cars and have your apartment? Or is it more like a lobby?

codelyoko2822d ago

Seperate Map. You can invite friends over to your apartment too.

inmusicutrust2822d ago

From what I was reading the other day you cannot steal someones car and your car cannot be stolen. I also read that if u dont change the appearance of a stolen car (an npc's car) and drive past a cop you will get a wanted star and you can also take out insurance on a car and effect the stock market by targeting a specific make thus requiring insurance companies to replace that car increasing sales.

So excited for this game. It'll be the first game I've ever taken time off work for. Just need to decide if I should go to a midnight release or order it online and hope it arrives early.

telekineticmantis2822d ago

Do you want me to get your new consoles or not, this has to be on it if you want me to get it... The ball is in your court, who wants my money?