Hands-On with Call of Duty Ghosts: The Most Fulfilling Multiplayer of the Series | Hardcore Gamer

After six games in six years, Infinity Ward has stepped up and done enough to make the series feel fresh enough to stick around in the face of stiff competition from Battlefield 4 and Titanfall. It may not be revolutionary, but it's fun, frenetic action that preserves and improves upon the core experience of what makes online shooters so fun.

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jay22279d ago

Not a hard achievement

BABYLEG2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Watch all the people who hate COD come into a COD article to hate on a game they dont like..

in 3....2.....1

Matt6662279d ago

to be fair everyone is allowed an opinion, and in my own opinion this is just like every other COD game were the knife is over powered and c4 can be thrown ridiculously far, they had years to try to make the game better but they don't it just gets worse, and also the perks in COD ghosts are noting new most of the perks have been in at least one other COD game , and if you think about it there isn't that many new weapons

CrossingEden2278d ago

Yea but it's redundant to go to EVERY article to state the exact same thing. It's like going to the same restaurant and screaming, I don't like spaghetti every time.

dcj05242279d ago

Dude. This COD 4 mod is AWESOME. What texture pack is that? Looks good. Man imagine what ghost will look like if COD 4 with mods looks like this.

starchild2278d ago

That's so ignorant. COD Ghosts looks A LOT better than current gen COD games.

SnotyTheRocket2278d ago

Batter textures and some more AA don't make it look A LOT better. I saw the gameplay. looks about the same.

solidworm2279d ago

Headless chickens rinse and repeat copy and paste game.

digger182278d ago

Headless chickens rinse and repeat copy and paste comment

solidworm2278d ago

Yeh the truth as an habit of being a bitch dont it.

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