Being Chicano In The Gaming Industry

GamerFitnation's Alfredo Lopez, writes about being a Mexican-American in the gaming industry. "As a Chicano in the gaming industry, I’m a minority, and from time to time, I’ve had people ask me what it’s like to be a minority in the gaming industry."

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NYC_Gamer2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

[GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony]Luis-that's the only time a character from background was playable..I don't really care about the skin tone/background of video game characters though.

user74029312819d ago

a minority? who cares, i think being different is the flavor of life. nothing to complain about at all. we are all a minority (the humans) to bacteria, animals, and the cosmos( there is gliesa 581, a earth like planet and maybe 500 million others.

BLACKBIBLE2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Did you actually read the article? He wasn't complaining at all. He was actually saying he's grateful. He a Mexican-American Journalist who has made great strides in the gaming industry.

user74029312819d ago

did you read what i said? i not once referred to the author complaining.

LOGICWINS2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

What I find weird about the article is that he says multiple times that "race isn't an issue for me". So if its not an issue, why write an article about it?

The article should have been titled, "The Lack of Latino Protagonists in Games" since thats the only "issue" presented in this uneven piece.

Its like two different articles jumbled up into one article. Does Alfredo want to relate his experiences as a Chicano gaming journalist to us OR does he want to shed light on the lack of minority characters in games?

If he wanted to focus on the latter, then he should have gone more in depth with his thoughts. I would have liked to see an analysis of every Latino protagonist this gen (Luis from GTA and Rico from Just Cause are fantastic examples) and tell us why they are so awesome.

LackTrue4K2819d ago

"Blood in blood out homies, pudos vatos loco's for life homies"

DinoNYC2819d ago

Minority in the gaming industry? Sounds like the guy needs to get over himself, the gaming industry and community is very diverse and has been for quite some time.

cleft52819d ago

It's a positive article, not him complaining. Take the time and read a few lines of these articles before you jump to conclusions based on a title.

_FantasmA_2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Damn, there's nothing but haters here. And yet if this were an article calling for more black character or female characters it would get praised. We do need more Latino characters as they are the second largest ethnicity in the US after the whites. Some native characters and Asian characters would also be nice.

You see tons of Latinos in video game credits, but never as protagonists. Its time for a Latino protagonist in a blockbuster game like GTA.

cleft52819d ago

It's not that sort of article. He is basically saying that his ethnicity has never been a barrier for him in the industry and he is very happy about how accepting people have been in general.

BLACKBIBLE2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I both Agree and Disagree with your statement. In the past black main characters have been an issue for debate. At the same time your right their should be more Latinos characters in games. Case in point the Starhawk Death threats

MiasmaDodo2819d ago

whats with the white people on this site getting so upset when race if brought up?

White characters are everywhere so yeah "race is not important" to them.

to those constantly left out Minorities, this is a huge deal

_QQ_2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I don't think gamers realize how selfish they sound when they demand for female,or different ethnicity lead characters.
Why should a developer change his/her vision?

MiasmaDodo2818d ago

really "lopez...Josue"

you dont like that Latinos/Mexicanos are starting to speak up like "hey guys we exist too!!"

no ones demanding anything. Create a character is a blessing because we can see "us" in the game.

but "josue" wouldnt it make sense that the 2nd largest group in America (latinos) be represented in games?

AbortMission2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Lol this is true. Whenever I see people say that they should have more minorities in games, someone - who happens to be white - starts to throw a b#tchfest over how "politically correct" video games are starting to be. It's like these kind of white gamers are offended by diversity which is sad Lol.

Of course not all games should be forced to have minority characters just for the sake of appeasing minorities. But with games like GTA that deal with gangs, it's an obvious no-brainer that you can add a Latino as a main character (not to sound offensive but you know what I mean.) The last time I played with a Latino character was Rico from Killzone 2 and 3. But then again, I don't care about the race of my main character and just want to play the game.

_FantasmA_2818d ago

Exactly. When you are the majority, you don't feel those problems. White people need to try to empathetic. Try to imagine that whites are a minority and only be in a handful of games as main or important characters. I'm sure you guys would want some more white characters if that was the case. I don't mind playing as a white character or any other color, but if you are making a game like GTA which has been set in California for a few games now, it doesn't make sense not have a Mexican, Central American, or Asian.

DinoNYC2818d ago

I'm a minority and find the idea of this article offensive.

Hicken2818d ago

Not sure you even know what the article was about.

starchild2818d ago

What's with the use of the term "white"? It doesn't really refer to any specific group. Lots of Latinos are in fact "white".

On the other hand, lots of Latinos are mixed blood--native and european. But then there are mixed people like me who are native and caucasian who are not Latino. It all gets so jumbled.

"Latino" isn't defined by race, it is more about culture and traditions. But even then, there are really big differences between people from different countries and different areas. Mexican people have very specific traditions that are very different than, say, the people of Argentina.

Anyway, people identify how they want to identify. In the end, though, we are all people. I think fighting for fairness is all good and well, but too much focusing on race, even if well intended, only perpetuates racial thinking.

MiasmaDodo2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

As a Latino (Mestizo in reality)

I would know what I am.
Not once in my life has a white person said to me "boy Us whites..." I am not a white person in their eyes.

In USA we're all called "mexicans" when 60% come from other Mestizo/Latino lands.

respectfully dont tell me what a Latino is. Thats offensive beyond words.

starchild2818d ago

No need for the giant chip on your shoulder.

As you said youre mestizo so of course nobody is going to see you as full caucasian. I'm half Apache and half caucasian and it's the same way with me. I'm not seen as "white" by most full caucasian people, nor do most full blood native people see me as fully native...that's because I'm not.

In Arizona where Im from most of the Latino people are of Mexican descent. Some people might call all Hispanic people "Mexican" but I know a lot of people know the differences too.

Oh, and I already said people identify however they want to identify. That's on each of us. But what I said about Latino not referring to a single race is 100% true. There are pure native Latinos, pure caucasian Latinos, pure Arab Latinos, pure African Latinos and any mix of those. That is the reality. If you take offense to that then you are probably just being a little too sensitive.

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