Here are the launch day Disney Infinity deals

From the article, "The Best Buy, Kmart and Target ads are out for August 18-24, 2013, and each one has Disney Infinity deals. I’m going to list each one, and sum up the best way to save money at the end. The Toys R Us ad hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll add its information once it has been."

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abzdine2830d ago

Skylanders is a dying franchise, i dont think Disney game with the same idea would seduce people!

spaceg0st2829d ago

I see the fun possibilities of this... However, I just can't bring myself to spend an extra
$100 on what are essentially unlockable characters.

Nodoze2829d ago

F this game. Disney cash grab, nothing more. If this cost them 100m to make, they got ripped off!