Project Phoenix Flies Past $500,000 on Kickstarter, Details Basic Gameplay and Progression

Project Phoenix just surpassed the $500,000 mark on Kickstarter and is currently sitting on $502,421 pledged by 7,936 brave backers. With 24 days to go, there’s plenty time to make the announced stretch goals and then some.

Today Creative Intelligence Arts also detailed some of the basic gameplay and progression mechanics that will drive the indie JRPG

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nyobzoo2822d ago

nice, I can easily see them reaching all of their stretch goals

DrakenSilverwing2822d ago

i sure hope so! its starting to slow but they have a alot of time left. the word about this just needs to spread a bit more and if anyone here is interested and not yet backing. you should be!

Cyb3r2822d ago

This proves people still want JRPGs

Abriael2822d ago

if any evidence was really needed.

3-4-52822d ago

We always have. It's the people in charge at these companies who want to make FPS games because they are easy to make.

Those "high ups" then claim " It's what the people want", when really it's what THEY wanted to do.

WE the gamers want RPG's, & 3D Platformers, & 2D platformers, & random fun games we can't even picture existing....we want them.

We've kind of got a good idea about what we like from FPS games. We've made our choices on those and they won't fluctuate too much.

Now it's time to get back to being experimental and creative instead of pretending you are Dev's.

Wake the hell up to the reality of what WE the people actually want.

Look at all this FPS competition now for the next gen, this will take sales away from COD, and eventually they will be forced to make some changes.

These changes are a good thing.

We want less of companies buying out competition like EA did with sports games.

Competition breeds new good ideas and is healthy for gaming.

Canary2822d ago

Sorry, what?

Please find a more appropriate target for your incoherent rage. I don't think there's a single instance of a JRPG developer even contemplating making an FPS, let alone following through with the notion.

JRPGs haven't "gone" anywhere. This isn't a kickstarter for a dead genre, like the Isometric WRPG or Sci-Fi Shooter.

The reason we (i.e. YOU) haven't seen so many JRPGs in recent years is because the genre has largely migrated to mobile gaming--specifically handheld and mobile platforms.

I get you don't like the average shooter. That's well and good--I don't like 'em either. But the over-proliferation of the first-person shooter genre in the Western Gaming industry has absolutely no relevance on the state of RPGs in Japan.

BlaqMagiq242822d ago

I'm not gonna lie. This is the ultimate East meets West dream team. I expect great things from this game indie or not. Triple AAA talent all over this.

CLOUD19832822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Although the team working behind this looks really good still I have my concerns about the battle system, AI-controllable party members is not my thing, even if they don't plan to make it old-school turn-based & want to go the real time strategy path still I want RTS like StarCraft where I can control all my unitls & there is no AI involved, what I read is a major turn-off for me but I'll keep my patient until I see some demo/gameplay footage & then I can bash them as much as I want.

wishingW3L2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

me too man, I don't like games that play itself but the director sayz that he hates micromanagement. But:

micromanagement > game that plays itself