5 Things We Want In Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront Game

Everyone who watched EA’s big E3 press conference got perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the event when a Star Wars Battlefront teaser was shown off for the first time. And while we didn’t see any actual footage or real information, it was definitely something Battlefront fans have been begging for since the last installment way back in 2005.

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Garethvk2519d ago

Stability. On PC Battlefront games have had big time launch issues.

They cannot afford a buggy release out of the box.

Majin-vegeta2519d ago

They need to take thier time to release it.I mean BF4 will keep us occupied for years.

Neixus2518d ago

summer 2015 isn't enough time? >_>

ForgivenZombie2519d ago

Customization to classes would be nice, but not to crazy.Please take your time and get it right...

Majin-vegeta2518d ago

No just no.Custom loadouts are a big no no.Read Foxtrot comment.I agree with him

-Foxtrot2518d ago

I would like them NOT to add COD stuff like custom loadouts, perks, killstreak etc because you'll kill what made people fall in love with this game in the first place

KillrateOmega2518d ago

Just please care with this game, DICE, I've been waiting for it for years.

Also, I'm pretty interested in how they'll be handling Hero and Villain characters, that is, if they bring them back for this game.

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