What Will Sony Do Next at Gamescon and PAX Prime Regarding the Playstation 4?

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece that asks what Sony will do next regarding the Playstation 4. With the upcoming Gamescon and PAX Prime convention they speculate that Sony may reveal a ship date and perhaps some new A level exclusives and other features.

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GarrusVakarian2827d ago

Hopefully, announce some great 1st party exclusives.

DeletedAcc2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

My list:
PS4 release date
Indie stuff
The Last of Us SP DLC trailer
The order: 1886 gameplay
Driveclub gameplay
New KZ & inFAMOUS trailer
New IP - Guerilla Games
New IP - Sony Santa Monica
New IP - Quantic Dream
NAUGHTY DO--- joke, would be too good
Media Molecule's PS4 Game (LBP3)
Something about Gaikai
Something about PSVITA
Something from 3rd party devs

DaGR8JIBRALTAR2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

definitely would like to see the order:1886 gameplay! I think sony might drop a few megaton bombs!

nirwanda2827d ago

Quantic dreams ps4 game will definitely be shown or at least another tech demo as they are part of sonys gamescon conference as David Cage is part of sonys announced pannel.

abzdine2827d ago

As always, Sony will steal the show.

Vita price cut
Sony's European studios games
Release plans of PS4


crxss2827d ago

pretty sure it's "gamescom" not gamescon...

SnotyTheRocket2827d ago

I want some The Last of Us DLC. Nay, I NEED some The Last of Us DLC.

Deadpoolio2827d ago

Media Molecule is not working on LBP...It's already been hinted at that someone else is

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Xsilvermist2827d ago

Just new ips tbh and show more use of the interface then gaikai stuff if possible but i choose games over anything .

bjmartynhak2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Gaikai, indeed,

I wonder if it will be paid per game or per subscription (if not both).

Sony could use that "evil" DRM patent to attach our disc-PS3 games to the Gaikai account. That would be something!
(or just read the disc and allow the use of Gaikai)

SnotyTheRocket2827d ago

I think Gaikai will be PS Plus. No additional fees (after the PS plus Fee, I mean).

Xsilvermist2827d ago

If gaikai is free with playstation plus it would be a nicer option for instant game collection instead of downloading them u can stream them but if sony did that then they have struck gold you would be a fool to not have ps+.

ShugaCane2827d ago

What I want : New exclusives, The Order 1886, cross play PS4/PSV footage, a release date.

AirJohnston2827d ago

I need some more AAA Vita love

Garethvk2827d ago

For me it is just what you guys said a firm release date so we can plan coverage and time to really spend with it as well as some great exclusives.

sandman2242827d ago

I hope they say the ps4 will be on the shelves for sale the next day :-D

Capt-FuzzyPants2827d ago

I feel like we would've gotten a leak or two if that was true.

I'm just hoping it comes out when my brother is still at college so I can keep it and order him a new one. Because if he's home, he'll take it back to college with him and I'll have to wait another month or two.

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