Face-Off: PlayStation 3 vs. PlayStation Vita

Killzone, Uncharted and 11 other games under the microscope. Does Vita truly deliver the PlayStation experience?

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ShugaCane2831d ago

The PSV is awesome. It only needs more triple A games. But with its current library (Gravity Rush, Persona, Golden Abyss, etc..), future ps4 crossplay, Killzone Mercenary and what Sony has in store for Gamescom, there won't be any reason left not to love it.

longcat2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Also awesome are the software prices especially those on plus . I have a hard time shelling out 40 bucks for a handheld game. Its the reason I play my vita more than my 3ds

minimur122830d ago

when top news is 840 you know it's a slow news day...

;) lol

Ritsujun2830d ago

Go murmur in the corner, mini12yo.

sherimae24132831d ago

everything you have said, is rigt on the spot!^_^

every upcoming games will just only get better specially those games from sony's first party studios

cant wait too, what sony has for vita at gamescom, im sure it will deliver ^_^

Bundi2831d ago

What makes you so sure? They've all but ignored it so far. I don't blame them though, at this point it's easier to rely on remote play than actually make games for the flagging handheld.

Kalebninja2830d ago

they said its gnna be ps4 focused... so not much will be shown for vita. its actually kinda disappointing i dnt have a vita but they shouldnt ignore their console nintendo may not be doing well with wii u but they're working hard with both systems

sherimae24132830d ago


i knw its focused in ps4 lineup, but sony scee blog says there will be new vita games to be announced,

and thats all im asking for, and i know it will ^_^

rainslacker2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


What makes you think they've ignored the Vita. In 18 months they've released from 1st party alone

MLB 12: The show
Unit 13
Wipeout 2048
Gravity Rush
Soul Sacrafice
Modnations Game
Little Big Planet Vita
Jak & Daxter Collection
Resistance: Burning Skies
PS All Stars
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
MotorStorm RC(For free btw).
And quite a few non big hitter titles

Won't bother getting into the good selection of 3rd party games or indie titles that are available, as well as games they publish from 3rd party.

In the future they have
Killzone: Mercenary
Destiny of Spirits
God Of War HD Collection
Freedom Wars
Likely a Gran Turismo
A bunch of other games that we probably know nothing about yet.

Again not bothering to get into all the 3rd party AAA type games or indie titles, or games they are publishing themselves from 3rd party devs.

I'd call it far from ignored. The only people really ignoring the Vita games are the ones who still believe it has no games.

Bundi2830d ago

Did you seriously just list Jack & Daxter as a big hitter? It,s all good and well to list games from 18 months ago before it was apparent that it was on its way to failure-town but what about games from the last 12 months? The last 8 months? 6 months even.

Likely Gran Turismo is not an actual upcoming game now is it? Has it been announced? There's a lot of likely Vita games to come but until they are actually anounced, Vita will continue to seem like an afterthought for Sony.

Lol GoW collection, those games have been done to death so many times that they have been revived more times than Kratos himself.

rainslacker2829d ago

I listed all the "big hitter" 1st party titles released in the first 18 months. Your definition is off, because yes, while J&D may not sell millions of copies on Vita, it is a game that many people like. I included mid-range titles as well, since they round out the system. I could have listed all the smaller titles they've released in the past 18 months, but you were referencing "AAA" titles. On top of that, there is a 4000 character limit, so not enough room to list them all. But sure, pick one title out of all my list to try and prove your point.

And yeah, a GT game will come for the Vita. It's pretty much a given at some point in the know that thing you said wasn't worth looking forward to because of the past, which I already disproved to you. And some of those games have already been done to death, but you know what, they're popular games, and people buy them. You seem to assume every game has to be a system seller. That's not the case, sometimes games are there just to round out the selection, and make the system overall more appealing, or they're there to appeal to different audiences, which is something Sony has already done.

And I agree with you. Until some games are released that people want to buy the system for, the Vita will continue to struggle. It'll continue to struggle while the memory card prices are high, and while it's at it's current price point.

However, your assertion was that there was no support from Sony. I've proven to you that not only have they supported it with bigger titles these last 18 months, but that there is also big games that are on the horizon that are worth looking into.

The Vita had a huge playable section at E3. You're holding onto the "Vita has no games" argument, and this argument hasn't been valid since launch. Only the two summer droughts were sparse. On top of that, GamesCon is only a couple days away, and we can expect some of those announcements that you need because you lack any sort of practical critical thinking skills to know that good things are coming.

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Blastoise2831d ago

I've heard nothing but good things for Killzone mercenary. Even Metro (who said in their preview about 10 times how much they hate Killzone) admitted it's shaping up to be a really good game.

We should (I hope) see some great new Vita games announced at gamescom

And with PS4 crossplay mandatory, which I think is an awesome decision and the constant stream of PS+ games I feel pretty good about my Vita purchase

Rhomiel2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Playing Dragon's crown on my Vita with my friend atm at work and it's awesome :). Yeah I know i work hard... Also got PixelJunk Monsters HD and Silent Hill and Rayman on sale and free God Eater last month with Zero Escape : Virtue's last resort.
FFX and FFX-2,Toukiden and God eater 2 coming in a couple of months

I love my Vita!
Don't have enough time to play!

slimeybrainboy2830d ago

I don't think they need AAA games, I think they need the worlds largest franchises full support.

They need a fully fledged GTA, full yearly support from EA sports and 2K with ease of portability between their console counterparts, the same with Gran Turismo Call of Duty. I don't think a Borderlands, a Bioshock, an Uncharted (As we've seen) are enoungh. As great as those games are, they aren't in the same league as COD or FIFA in numbers. The only way to make the PSV a real success is to make it the PS4 when you're not next to your PS4. There's alot of work ahead for Sony.

3-4-52830d ago

Vita could be the go to FPS gaming machine. It is set up perfectly for it.

* They need :

* 2-3 more games like Sly cooper ( 3D platformers)

* 2-3 more Tactical RPG's like FFTactics/Disgaea

* 1 really good sports game

* 2-3 solid open world games

* 4-5 RPG/JRPG's

It's getting there..slowly but surely

takohma2830d ago

I would also love another fighter on there, like tekken tag 2. or SF. or even a 3rd strike.

ajax172830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Still waiting on BioShock Vita. A GTA game would be epic too, and would definitely help them sell systems.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2830d ago

Digital Foundry credible again.


sourav932830d ago

You're a troll again. Confirmed.

Oh wait, that was always confirmed.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2830d ago

I agree.. they've always been credible. 4.5 gigs of ram with a .5 bonus. PS4 at 5 gigs for games. Just like X1.

Gemmol2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

@rainslacker Its not that, I look at your list and non of those make me want to buy a Vita.....Maybe Motorstorm its my favorite from Sony, but in all the years I was ps3 only I never bought uncharted, I just did not like it, I played it at my cousin house, I just do not like linear games, and I do not like God of War, But I love Sony Heavenly Sword, heavenly sword is linear, but theres something in that game I love I just cannot figure it out, I wish they make a sequel but everything they make is for people like you and everyone else in this room, which is not bad, but theres nothing on the Vita for me, unless they get more RPG, but right now it be a waste of money for me......I do not have a 3ds but it have the games I want, I am waiting for a redesign, I know people going to say they are not making one soon, well I do not mind waiting, when I get a 3ds next year, I already got a list of games I want......

Project X Zone
Tales of Abyss (never played)
Both Shin Megami
Fire Emblem (One of my top 10 favorite game series)
Pokemon X and Y
Kingdom Hearts (its a maybe because I never played any of the series so I may start with the ps3 hd versions)
Etrian Odyssey
Resident Evil Revelations or I can get it for the Console
Monster Hunter maybe never played any....
Kid Icarus
Mario Kart 7
Zelda Ocarina of time
Bravely Default

These are games that interest me, so it would be hard to choose Vita for me, my taste of games is different to yours

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sigfredod2831d ago

The Vita games are amazing given the hardware limitations

stuna12831d ago

What are these limitations you speak of!? It's a handheld for christ sake! Sony should really have the ball rolling once the PS4 drops, then people will finally see the true potential of the Vita realised.

bothebo2831d ago

I'd like to think they already have studios working on more 1st party titles given that most of their studios making games for the PS4 are probably done or very close to done. Also you figure that there are 15 studios owned by SCE and you figure each has at least 2 to 3 teams so...... yeah there should be more coming unless Sony really dropped the ball with the Vita.

sigfredod2831d ago

Comparing the specs to the android handhelds and the top of the line phones and tablets the specs seems lower on paper, but the result on the screen is very impresive the best i have see

insomnium22831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


It doesn't matter on what specs you play Candy Crush on. A game like Killzone on Vita absolutely demolishes anything any dev will come up for android. The budget is like 500 bucks vs 10 000 000 bucks so why even bring something like this up?

Bundi2830d ago

Buy this $400 console for your $250 console's potential to be fully realised -____- yeah pass!

Snookies122830d ago

@sigfredod - Yeah, comparing a $250 dollar handheld to a 300, 400, or even 500 dollar phone... I would REALLY hope the phone has an advantage in hardware at those prices.

The Vita trumps them in controls however, which is a HUGE deal to me personally. I love having a touchscreen for some gaming, but it is never a replacement for analog sticks and buttons.

stuna12830d ago


Of course you wouldn't see the value in this, for someone who doesn't own a Vita to begin with, bu I do since I already own one! So that's a piece of the puzzle solved! So since you see no value there, and you don't own one, which is obvious by your comment, why are you here again!?

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imt5582830d ago

What limitations? Show me the FPS on Android that looks better than Killzone : Mercenary and play better than Killzone.

joeorc2830d ago


100% exactly!

there will never be one anywhere in the near future!

the reason being other than the Nvidia shield, no other smartphone or Tablet has 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram! for its graphic's chips.

They have all shared Memory. the only real reason the Nvidia shield has beaten the performance of the PSVita is its 2 GB of system RAM and the fact its using the freaking TEGRA 4! and is newer chipset, but it was also more expensive than the PSVita so even the shield had to drop its price.

for pete's sake the Nvidia shield has

Custom 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU Quad-core ARM® A15 CPU.

with 2GB RAM

16GB Flash Memory

with a launch price of $349!

the fact the PSVita even comes anywhere near this spec's is proof that aside from these two handhelds performance for gaming no other handheld devices comes even close. even the Wikipad fall's short of the peformance of both the Nvidia shield and the PSVita.

Axe992830d ago

And this is the big issue with people's perceptions of the Vita. 3DS games get compared with DS games, Vita games get compared with PS3/360 games because they're so close that people can't help it. Were the 3DS and smartphone games held to the same standard as those on the Vita, they'd get hammered critically.

PrimeGrime2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


Believe it or not the Vita is more powerful than a lot of these phones and even tablets still. More powerful than that $700 dollar iPhone 5 also.

You aren't finding phones and tablets with dedicated gaming memory in them. Most phones and tablets sure might have GPU's in them but if it has no memory for games, you won't be getting anywhere near the fidelity and game play of PS Vita games. VRAM is just for that, higher resolutions, allowing better textures, smoother game play, higher frame rates, all of that jazz. The memory used in computer graphics cards is called VRAM and it not the same as your computers RAM.

The PS Vita has 128MB VRAM and its own GPU. That combined is what is destroying any phone or tablet. They never have any VRAM for gaming.

To give you an idea of how powerful the PS Vita actually is with that VRAM, the PS3 only has 256MB of VRAM currently and you see the type of games it can display. Knowing the Vita has half of that is plenty enough for handheld games. A lot of people also don't know that the PS Vita actually has more RAM in it than the PS3.

The PS3 has 256MB of RAM and 256MB of VRAM.

The PS Vita has 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRAM.

You won't be seeing that on phones because phones aren't made for gaming, they might have more RAM and GPU's but without any VRAM it will never be as good. They aren't dedicated gaming machines like consoles and handhelds are. I also think phones would be bigger if they did, that is why they don't really focus on gaming so much for them because no one wants a phone a bulky as the PS Vita.

I mean the PS Vita is small but compared to how thin the Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, HTC One or iPhone 5 is, it becomes easy to see why those devices aren't gaming the same. Let alone the whole fact they don't have VRAM dedicated for gaming in general. Yes the Vita also has a mobile GPU but again it is important that it also has dedicated VRAM unlike any phone or tablet which is only stuck with a mobile GPU made for mobile games.

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clrlite2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

The Vita is a beast and more than enough to create amazing portable games.

Btw this is finally a graphics comparison I find somewhat interesting.

dcj05242831d ago

I hope developers learn how to optimize games. Assassin's creed was unplayable to me.Other games didn't suffer as much as that.

WeAreLegion2830d ago

Download the patch. A million times better.

porkChop2830d ago

AC wasn't due to poor optimization. The developers underclocked the CPU and GPU to save battery life. If the game had been running at full power it would have been much smoother.

sherimae24132831d ago

killzone mercenary is the most graphically stunning game on a handheld so far, i know the vita can push more than this with the help of a talented and dedicated developer,

and we will see more games with this kind of quality in the future ^_^

Hicken2831d ago

And more doom articles, too.

Won't matter how good the games look, or how good it sells, somebody will still proclaim doom for it. And if it never sells more than the 3DS, it'll be labeled a failure, even if it does amazingly well, just like the PSP.

It's unfortunate, but the Vita will be doomed to be subject to such unfair comparisons as long as it's on the market, games and quality be damned.

That won't stop us from enjoying ours, though, right?

Protagonist2831d ago

Worst thing is the trolls, hovering around the PS Vita (as they did with the PSP) like the little disgusting creatures they are...

Bundi2830d ago

But it isn't selling "good" though and a lot of attention is being paid to KZ in this comment section because there isn't much else coming besides Tearaway.
Criticism is due.

Vitalogy2831d ago

"killzone mercenary is the most graphically stunning game on a handheld so far"

I can't argue how amazing the game looks as I've experienced it first hand in the closed beta but I wonder why do people always tend to forget wipEout 2048, it absolutely beautiful on the with amazing visuals (same goes to wipEout HD on the PS3).

porkChop2830d ago

People don't necessarily forget Wipeout. Killzone just looks better, and has a lot more happening on screen so it appears to be more impressive than Wipeout.