Five Games I Discovered on My First Computer in 1993

UM writes: Oh boy, this article certainly brings on the nostalgia train. My first family computer was a Hewlett Packard Bell 386 waaaay back in the early 1990s, which had the old trustworthy Windows 3.1 as the operating system along with sporting a whopping 8 megabytes of RAM and 50 megabytes of storage under the hood. A pretty sweet rig, huh? My dad bought this beast through work since it was important for him to have a computer due to the nature of his job at the time. He paid a dumbfounded $3000 for something that is literally worthless now! This was a few years before the Internet became mainstream (though we got dial-up a year later) so my curious pre-teen self-taught myself how to use it without the aid of the world wide web.

While learning, I searched every nook and cranny until I found something interesting or fun on this novel thing they called a desktop computer. To my still-developing, puny brain’s delight, I found some hidden entertainment (no, not porn!) in the form of games! Before this moment, I believed that video games only existed on my Nintendo or GameBoy, so the thought of having them hidden on this hunkin’ machine–used by my Dad no less–was pretty surreal. Gaming was a big part of my life back then (and I guess it still is, since I have my own not-so-serious gaming YouTube Channel), so this was pretty great at the time.

In retrospect, I have no idea how they actually got on my computer since there’s no way in hell my Dad would have put them there or even known how to. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, the following games were secretly installed on my first desktop computer and boy did I ever play the crap out of them.

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thelaughingwiseman2824d ago

the first games i discovered on my PC where Prince of Pesia, Minesweeper, Solitare, Dakr Stalkers and this other weird platformer

NeXXXuS2824d ago

I still remember this being my first PC game back in 1995,

neogeo2824d ago

you know what? that game in your link stil holds up well today. Love it.

Mikeyy2824d ago

This brings back memories. Though I had a windows 3.1 computer I only really played BOWEP on it.

It wasn't until my Packard bell with a 200mhz Intel and windows 95 did I really start gaming. Doom 2, quake, Warcraft 2 and duke 3d were my first big PC games. Then i got diablo, StarCraft, sim city, I was addicted.

neogeo2824d ago

I remember When I bought the first (Unreal) PC game and it was mind blowing. My 333mhz Intel could not run it, so I went out and bought a $300 Voodoo graphics card and I was in high end PC heaven!

Mikeyy2824d ago

Haha yep! I've spent many years on ut99! At that time I had a gateway p2 450mhz (I think) 256mb ram and a 3dfx voodoo banshee!

Spend many years on fraggalonia sniper arena and the great Alaskan CTF server (instagib)

I just nostalgia'd in my pants

kreate2824d ago

Prince of persia
Oregon trail
Serf city
Princess maker
4d boxing
Astonishia story
Empire of angels

SkullBlade1692824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It's a shame that the PC sucked so hard compared to the Amiga even if PC could have technically more powerful hardware back in the day, it was only about 1994 or so when it became better really...

I tried out a lot of DOS versions of games that I used to play and usually either the sound is horrible, or the graphics are in CGA mode which just looks ugly, or both...

Still fun to play though.

Eldyraen2824d ago

Some of my early favorites (1980s really but who's counting):

Rodent's Revenge
Tank Wars

I didn't even own a computer back then but one of my friend's dad had one for work plus RR was around for years on most Windows PCs. I remember playing RR at Walmart on Demo PC back when they really began pushing PCs on consumers--that and Descent!. Nearly everything people mentioned though were great (some never played or heard of).

Oh, and one of my other favorites: Crusader (SPIDER MINES!)--I played it in my Algebra class after finishing work (first person done got to play on teacher's computer--had a few classics at the time like WC2 and some fishing game which was pretty fun actually)). Sim Farm and Wolftenstein 3D were both played in Tech class (Computers, Woodshop, etc) as well--my JR High years were pretty sweet (most memorable thing about them though which is kind of sad now that I think about it).

I didn't personally own a PC (or even have one in the house) for a few years still though :( Got one in time for games like Baldur's Gate though so all good. I lucked out and managed to jump on board at the perfect time to fall in love with RPGs and Strategy games both.

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