Pokémon CGI Promo Trailer - New Title Teased?

A new Pokémom promo trailer was shown at the "Pokémon Game Show" event held in Tokyo; at the end of the clip, a mysterious battle footage was showcased.

It is not clear if this is for a new game, or if it is just a CGI scene created especially for this trailer.


Here's a clearer image:

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Endless_X2827d ago

"Should be News"

Sorry, I'm not sure what story type or channels should I use.

falcon972827d ago

Wow if thats a glimpse of a wiiu version then wow is all i will say...

_QQ_2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

if that happened then WiiU would win current gen gen,nextgen,and the gen after.But i suggest not holding your breathe.

falcon972826d ago

I say it's a glimse of pokemon battle revolution for wiiu,not a cgi promo,if so then expect wiiu to slaughter the competition when that releases wow.....

R00bot2826d ago

That's if the game is good.

Remember, not many home console pokemon games are that good.
They still sell heaps, though, and if the game is on the same level as the handhelds then you're right, the Wii U has already won :)

awesomeabe19982826d ago

I am not a huge fan of Pokemon, i only played like an hour of it i never played it again, but if it comes out for Wii U and go and buy that game with no hesitation. That final battle looked like 2 Pokemons battling each other in a type of Mortal Kombat/ Street Fighter way. Just imagine a true Pokemon game with the adventure and discovering new pokemon and then battle them in a fighting style like Mortal Kombat?! Wii U will win Next-Gen war without any doubt!!!

Misaka_x_Touma2827d ago

Use common logic here dude

Pokemon Main games are for handheld

Console will get nothing more than Stadium - Colosseum - Battle Revolution games alongside new generation

lizard812882827d ago

That is what i'm thinking it is.

Kran2827d ago

The part at the end make me think of a possible console game.

I know they've said they dont like making main series games on consoles, but there's money to be had in there, and with the problems Nintendo has been having with the Wii U, I honestly think it's time for them to actually bring out the big guns to increase sales.

kcuthbertson2827d ago

Yup..I'd buy a Wii U just for pokemon no doubt.

falcon972826d ago

I agree,imagine this game with,Zelda,Metroid,X,MK8,Smash bros,all in 2014,now if that happens expect 30million consoles sold next year....

jcnba282827d ago

New Pokemon stadium? Would be cool if they did a Pokemon MMO though.

TekoIie2827d ago

I would rather another Home console game like Colosseum or XD but closer to a traditional Pokemon game. Less of those shadow Pokemon and more wild ones to catch.

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