Rayman Legends Demo Impressions

IRB Gamer: "I have praised every aspect of the demo and with good reason. From what I took away from it I can tell there is not a single thing that you won’t be looking forward to. Pristine visuals, tight controls, varied and imaginative level design, and the fact that this game is such a breath of fresh air. This is one of the best platforming games outside of Nintendo’s renowned Italian plumber. This isn’t a review, but it might as well be. Rayman Legends. 10 outta 10. Buy it."

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Phil322830d ago

Day one on Wii U. Been waiting for this a long time!

hduce2830d ago

Me too. Gotta get the Wii U version on this one.

3-4-52829d ago

It's basically 3 games in one.

Main levels, Extra Levels, 40 origins levels

BOWZER352830d ago

Wish I had the money for this lol

jspillen2830d ago

Vita version for me... I'll be glad to have the portable version. And the Vita graphics will look flawless on a title like Rayman legends.

Rhomiel2829d ago

Glad theres multiplayer on Vita this time around.
It was awesome playing Origins with my friends on PS3.

troncoparati2830d ago

The game on the WiiU rocks...but yesterday I downloaded the 360 version and IMO its a mess. This was clearly designed for the WiiU's second screen. There are some parts where you have to cut ropes or turn platforms that fumbles that fluidity that the game is supposed to have. When I started to have trouble with the second character I just got frustrated and decided to quit. I'm giving it another chance but this was clearly for another system.