AMD Dual Graphics Analysis: Better Benchmarks; Same Experience

Tom's Hardware writes: "AMD's Dual Graphics technology gives APU owners the ability to add a discrete GPU to their platforms for better performance. We take a close look at the results, both in terms of frames-per-second and experiential smoothness, thanks to captured video"

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jeffgoldwin2829d ago

Quote from Tom's Hardware: ", the latest driver doesn't help Dual Graphics. And the problems with this technology are more severe than we imagined even before this story was conceptualized. We're hoping the company gets serious about fixing Dual Graphics, just as it did when it committed to improving CrossFire with two discrete GPUs. Right now it's evangelizing a feature that helps improve benchmark results, but not actual gameplay. That's just not right"

Same ol inept AMD, not ty. Im still all in with NVidia, for the foreseeable future anyway.