Nintendo, get some new ideas

OpinionDebug writes:

Mario has been in over 200 different games. Now, I quite like Mario - he's a cool guy, but it's the Mario spin off series that really get me. You know the ones I mean: Mario Kart, Golf, Baseball, Tennis. This is the norm for most of us, the next Mario sports games, buy it if you like it, and forget it if you don't. That's not good enough for me, though.

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sonarus3845d ago

sigh. Maybe if people stopped buying the crap maybe nintendo would stop making it. As far as nintendo is concerned, they operate where there is money to be made. They will milk mario for all he is worth

PS360WII3845d ago

better yet Nintendo haters get some new ideas ^^ (oh see what I did there ^.-)

Surfman3845d ago

why not a Mario Hockey?

ianp6223845d ago

Why not Mario Cricket? How about Mario Shuffleboard? Mario Badminton? Do we really need another one?

What they should do is go the Super Smash Bros route and put in some characters we really don't expect.

KeiZka3845d ago

Why? They have a solid working idea, why change it too drastically? If they were to change the makeup of the game, they'd have to do it gradually.

Kaz Hirai3845d ago

First we have "Mario Brothers", then "Mario Kart", then "Mario Party", then "Mario Golf", then "Mario Tennis", then "Mario Galaxy", then "Mario Goes To The Shop", then "Mario Gets Tonsillitis", then "Mario Eats A Pizza", then "Mario Fights An Alligator", then "Mario Buys A Dog"!

Nintendouche- enough Mario!


KeiZka3845d ago

Oh the foaming! Heh. I am mildly amused everytime I hear the common cries of "MIIILKIIING!" sound in the distance...

I still do not understand how it is wrong to market games of different types with same characters, especially since those characters are rather iconic to gaming? It's only good marketing at that point. And cry as much as you want, they are still differing games, or can you say at face value that Mario Strikers and Galaxy are exactly the same kind of games? They may have the cast in common, but that's quite minimal. Or how do you call those 3 Jak & Daxters on PS2 alone? Or god knows how many God of Wars by now already, seeing how young IP it is?

See what I did there when comparing Mario and other marioverse characters to those two gameverses?

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The story is too old to be commented.