New Old Pokémon Anime Series Will Celebrate the Original Game, Trailer and Screens Revealed

Today The Pokémon Company announced the production of a new Pokémon anime series. You’re probably wondering what’s so special with this one, since they made a metric ton of them.

But it is indeed special. The title Pokémon: The Origin says it all: it’ll go back to the series roots and re-enact the original game(s) Pokémon Red and Green (Red and Blue in the west).

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Snookies122828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Hmm, it has Red then? That's interesting... I might just give this a look for nostalgia sake.

Abriael2828d ago

Yep, no more Ash whatshisname lol.

Snookies122828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Good... This is for the best... Let's be honest, Ash was a pushover lol.

EDIT: Haha, I love how he says "THE ORIGIN" at the end.

zeal0us2828d ago

If only Ash was never made and they started the series out with Red instead.

ZodTheRipper2828d ago

The characters in this trailer look strange and soulless though. I thought Ash was ok just like most of the Animes characters but I stopped watching it after gold/silver.

TomShoe2827d ago

I wonder if he'll talk...

ajames3472828d ago

Holy crap I am so excited for this! I seriously love Red/Blue version, not to mention that the animation style and quality is amazing...

OlgerO2828d ago

I easily played those games for 100 plus hours. I think it was the first handheld game I played

CrossingEden2828d ago

As an animation major I have to disagree with the animation quality and style being amazing, this is not very well animated compared to modern animation standards. Which is odd considering how simplistic it looks.

ZodTheRipper2828d ago

I thought the same but people still have their rosy glasses on when it comes to Pokemon lol
Yes the first 2/3 generations were incredible but since then this franchise became a joke quality wise with very few exceptions.

ajames3472827d ago

Ok well I can definitely respect your opinion on the animation quality (especially as an animation major, how cool is that? :D ). I actually really like the way it's animated though. To me it's like a smoother version of the first season's animation.

@zod18 Not sure how my opinion on a Gameboy game would influence how I feel about animation quality but you can assume whatever you want about me ;) And for your information I still play and enjoy all the games to this day.

3-4-52827d ago

I would say though, that the "way" it looks is definitely appealing though, and has a clean and soft look to it for the colors used.

Not sure if I'm describing it properly, you would know more than I, but I find the Art Style appealing even if it is simple.

It has nothing on, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ( which I just started and LOVE!), but it's more appealing than a lot of anime's I've seen.

Haven't watched a ton though as 90% of the first episodes I've watched have turned me off from the rest of said anime. Most are too cheesy.

RmanX10002828d ago

My Body Is Beyond Ready.

Snookies122828d ago

Saw that gif a while back and loved it. Anyone know what that's from by the way? It looks amazing.

vork772828d ago

ok what anime is that from i wanna laugh as i watch it lol

LoneWolf0192828d ago

Im fanboying hard! This looks to legit and finally leaving the childish cartoon and possibly entering a slight more mature anime!

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