Xbox One: five ways Microsoft can rescue the console

Gamescom 2013 is a chance for some damage-limitation as the company tries to turn things round after a series of PR mishaps.

Microsoft are facing make-or break-time for the Xbox One at Gamescom 2013, which kicks off on Tuesday 20 August.

The starting gun on the next generation console race hasn't fired – with apologies to Wii U – and yet with a scant few months to go Microsoft finds itself playing catch-up. The Xbox One, successor to the much-loved Xbox 360, had a disastrous E3 showing that was followed by a series of reverse ferrets. So many in fact that, excepting the machine's dimensions, Xbox One now bears very little relation to the Xbox One revealed a few months ago.

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black0o2822d ago

why they aren't streaming it?

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WeaseL2822d ago

It can be edited so it only shows the good stuff

iamnsuperman2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It is a short conference as well with the focus being the after conference thing with journalists talking to the developers. (credit goes to user Skips for posting the link above)

With that and the fact the conference isn't getting streamed almost confirms there wont be a huge announcement or a lot to show. Maybe a logo or something at the end (nothing huge though). It will most likely be a conference confirming what the Xbox One does now as a lot has changed since the last conference

I like the idea they are giving a lot of time to the developers to talk to the journalists but it is a shame they went all guns blazing a E3

DigitalRaptor2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

“The nice thing about the way the showcase is shaping up is people at home will have access to it. Streaming is probably not the way to do it because it will be like watching a party that you’re not at,” Spencer said, adding, “So what we’re going to do is, throughout the day, we’re going to take video snippets from the floor and release them on the Xbox Wire.”

What a godawful excuse there from Spencer. What I'm gathering from that, is that they are taking the parts they want us to see, and putting that on the Xbox Wire, rather than doing what most of us want to see, which is the entire thing.

That doesn't instil much confidence, but then again they don't seem very confident about their product, not after it was ripped apart and lost its identity. Not saying many of the bad parts weren't removed (they were), but if they did show the majority to their entire hand at E3, they are going to be in trouble.

I think coasting on multiplat agreements is the best we can expect.
For example:

bjmartynhak2822d ago

Because it's one of the greatest global events of gaming, a new generation of consoles is coming and hardcore gamers throughout the world are craving for news.
Some of these hardcore gamers are not sure each console to choose, others already have chosen one, but may also get the other if it shows to be good enough.

Hey, wait? Not streaming?

Mr1Y2822d ago

Am I the only one waiting for the crackdown 3 announcement :)? And it really doesn't matter if they livestream it or not,polygon ign and other gaming sites are going to be giving constant info on the conference.

NeoTribe2822d ago

Think your alone on crackdown. The last 2 sucked, so why would anyone be excited for the 3rd.

No_Limit2822d ago

The 2nd one was pretty lanme but the first one was universal praised and is one of the most fun games of this current generation. If you look over at Neogaf, Crackdown is the one of the most wanted games on the XB1.

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Bigpappy2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Stupid Blog/rant. He is saying "To rescue X1, tell the truth about the cloud and get rig of Kinect or show core games that support it, no body want Kinect Sports (Just happens to be the best selling Kinect series. Yeah, sold better than Dance Central and most core games).

Sounds like any PS fanboy here on N4G could have written this. Complete void of anything base on facts.

pompombrum2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

You do realize this was published on the website of one of the most respectable newspapers in the UK? While I agree it seems biased, I think the article echoes the thoughts of many gamers.

mxrider21992822d ago

doesnt kinect sports coe with the kinect lols
ofc its the best sellin game

RememberThe3572822d ago

The Xbone is gonna be fine. Both are going to have long successful runs and all of you are going to bicker like school girl the whole time.

TheRealTedCruz2822d ago

They've been rescuing the console for the last couple of weeks.
Seems to be a rather solid gaming platform at this point . . .

gaelic_laoch2822d ago

Xbone - The Lazerus Project

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