Dragon Age writer is leaving BioWare, but not because of death threats

Now, UK newspaper Metro has cited Polygon’s article with the claim that Hepler left BioWare because of the death threats, rather than simply after them. As Hepler says, she’s actually leaving to write a book.

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Baka-akaB2832d ago

Lol polygon making up sh*t again

Blacktric2832d ago

"As Hepler says, she’s actually leaving to write a book."

How surprising. It was blatantly obvious that the sole reason she got a job at a constantly worsening company like Bioware was because she couldn't even get a job as a writer in Hollywood, as she herself admitted that she'd rather have no gameplay in games. And considering that she gave nothing to either company nor the medium itself, I am not sad to see her go.

And I'm pretty sure her book is going to be filled with extremely forced and undeveloped characters with shoehorned sexuality to cater to the Twilight crowd and soccermoms.

Mrgolden792831d ago

Polygon is the most shittiest biased fake game journalism site I know. Please do not support them and please do not click on their links or visit their site. It is run by morons and trolls that are only posting for hits. Please, I implore you and all that is good of mankind, stay away from this site and tell everyone to do so as well.

nukeitall2831d ago

I like polygon. They are one of the few websites that post pretty neutral news. More of them, less of no name blog sites rehashing old news sprinkled with opinion.

FlameHawk2831d ago

@nukeitall, HAHAHA HE SAID NEUTRAL. I think it's really hard to for that site to be neutral when they take $750,000 from Microsoft.

bass4g2831d ago

"UK newspaper Metro has cited Polygon’s article with the claim that Hepler left BioWare because of the death threats, rather than simply after them" from the article.

It was the metro that made it up. Using a polygon article as "evidence". That's what the article says at least.

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TekoIie2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I think what the title really means is "she's been forced out the industry with these threats but now choosing to write a book to make a new career"...

And good on her! keep things going no matter what tries to pull you down. True or not I wish her success with her future endeavors :)

Baka-akaB2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Nothing at all indicates it got anything to do with threats . Like said below why now ? No one even cares about DA2 anymore and she wasnt going to be included in DA3 .

I dont agree with the threat , but they are just that , anonymous threats from morons who can't argue properly . And she did put herself in the spotlight in various fashions , showing she had a thick enough skin .

As should she when she publicly disparage gaming and and wasnt shy about her views on the serie's process (and ME3) leaving her open to critics and trolls

TekoIie2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I know they're anonymous but I've honestly given up with telling people to grow thicker skin.

I have been threatened on numerous occasions over XBL and PSN since I was 13 and have had a good laugh responding to them and getting more humourous responses. Interestingly enough not one's ended up true. I wonder why...

Also if I'm honest I've been getting a bit bored of the numerous gender related articles and needed to post something positive.

SpideySpeakz2832d ago


A thicker skin can't protect you from a bullet or knife penetrating your flesh.
The difference between you and her getting death threats is the fact that you're anonymous on PSN/Xboxlive, she's actually a public figure to some degree. They know her name, where she works, and possibly know where she lives. You are anonymous, therefore protected by the online services Sony/MS provides.

Every threat should be taken seriously no matter the probability of action taken. We should treat every threat as 100% probable to undercut any probability of it ever happening. In other words, better safe than sorry.

002832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Why leave like 2 years after you got a few death threats instead of when your actually getting them, seemed a little late.

Game journalism at it's finest I guess.

Bakkies2832d ago

Yeah, to write a book about the death threats she received. Then the book will be made into a game, which will receive threats and be made into a movie. Simple.

M-M2832d ago

Polygon's credibility just took another nosedive.

memots2832d ago

agreed, and Yet their article are still approved and posted here.

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