Pokémon Game Show Updates - Fairy Type, Mega-Evolution and Strategy Guide Update

The Pokémon Game Show is about to begin, and so avid fans have already began to gather at Tokyos ‘Big Site’. We’ll update this post throughout the day with pictures taken from the even from our friends attending, as well as any news! Stay tuned!

. The Completion Strategy guide will be 262 pages long
. The Story Guide coming out in November will be 600 pages long
. The Kalos Pokédex Guide coming out in December is 800 pages long
. Fire resists Fairy. Fairy takes normal damage from fire.
. You can opt to Mega-Evolve when you choose a move. You can use the move you chose after you Mega Evolve too.
. Fairy Type confirmed in the TCG.

Also related, brand new anime Pokémon Origins featuring characters Red and Blue (Green in Japanese) will air every Wednesday from October! This may be the series fans have been waiting for!

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