Denis Dyack on Wii U Version of Shadow Of The Eternals “We love the Specs”

In a three-hour live-stream of Shadow of The Eternals, Denis Dyack announced that the Wii U version will look as good as the PC version when asked about the differences in each platform for the game. He also stated that when they looked at the Wii U, they loved it's specs.

Here is the quote of what Denis Dyack said when asked about the Wii U version :

“Yeah we think so, the bottom line is everything we are doing here is pretty much compatible, and we are not doing anything special that is forecluded on the Wii U here in this technical demo. We looked at the Wii U, we love the specs.”

‘Most people will not be able to tell the difference between the Wii U and PC version.’

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marloc_x2825d ago

Well...Well... PS4 will have larger numbers on the side of the cardboard box it comes in! *snap*

clouds52825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

No the xb1 is a 1080p 360... Wii u is so much more than that. We have already seen with nfs most wanted that he wiiu can handle pc textures and such.

herbs2825d ago

I would like to think the Wii U is a 1080p 360
I know its still in its infancy but this has yet to be proven by even Nintendo.

2825d ago
bigfish2825d ago

what specs?? the specs on the Wii U are non existant! even my vacuum cleaner has more processing power. "Denis Dyack"........ what a clown!

marloc_x2825d ago

..and just what are you doing to your vacuum cleaner?

Whymii2825d ago

Let's just say that you wouldn't want to use his joystick afterwards.

gpturbo812824d ago

i told u not to bother me while im cleaning my room!

MasterCornholio2825d ago

I dont know about processing power but it has more sucking power thats for sure.

Nevers0ft2824d ago

That's ironic, because you suck harder than your vacuum cleaner.

AbortMission2825d ago

It's from that Nintendo fanboy website Playeressence... not surprised about the biased exaggeration

marloc_x2825d ago

..perhaps bigfish could loan you the crevice tool from the vacuum.

mii-gamer2825d ago

How can you exaggerate a direct quote from a developer?

VermithraxPejorative2824d ago

The quotation was taken from a live feed on twitch tv. The game uses cryengine3 and crytek already stated that crysis 3 runs beautifully on Wii U so it's not surprising. The Wii U has great specs compared to current gen, I don't think it's too surprising. The game looks better than anything else on wii u now though.

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The story is too old to be commented.