IGN: PlayStation at Gamescom: Five Predictions

At E3 2013, Sony came out swinging with a surprisingly impressive press conference. Interestingly, it wasn’t game announcements that made the presser what it was (after all, the only new game of real consequence shown was The Order: 1886). What made it remarkable were the ancillary announcements – such as PS4’s $400 price point – and how unabashedly the monolithic Japanese company took direct aim at its primary competitor.
But that’s old news, and now Sony has to figure out a way to follow all of that up. Since Sony’s press conference in Cologne, Germany is right around the corner – with IGN in attendance – IGN figured It would take five guesses as to what Sony has up its sleeve.

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black0o2824d ago

All I need is a release DATE, anything else is a bounce

BiggCMan2824d ago

His speech was kind of bouncing around a bit :P

phantomexe2824d ago

i know i've said this before but the vita could use some rpgs and imo The legend of the dragoon 2 is a perfect fit. Its and older game for those of us that remember it and it's new enough for those who don't. They could make it a squel even.

Kalebninja2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

some pretty boring predictions... release date would be great though

Saigon2824d ago

I disagree, because this is what everyone wants Sony to say. This is the safest prediction I see on the internet but at the same time it is the most sound.

spaceg0st2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I disagree with your disagree. :) Release date will be nice, but ps3 is soon to be a thing of the past and vita is unpopular/currently unimportant. So I hope they don't focus heavily on either.

The_Sneauxman2823d ago

I'll continue with the list of disagree's here but @spaceg0st the ps2 was well supported up until half-way of the ps3, I see that Sony will support it at least that long in the inception of the PS4
Now I never was a fan of handheld gaming, only when it came to Pokemon, so the Vita doesn't interest me but I think the platform still has a lot to give, especially in the Japan Market where hand-held gaming is booming

iamnsuperman2823d ago

They are just safe predictions.

What were you expecting. Sony announces the PS4 can cure world hunger (my prediction. You heard it hear first. No one can take that away from me)

IRetrouk2823d ago

The only one i dont think would happen would be removing vitas oled screen for a diffrent type, just dont see sony doing that.

LOGICWINS2824d ago

4 and 5 are most important to me. Sony needs to announce AT LEAST 3 new heavy hitting Vita games that are releasing in 2014. And at TGS, at least 3 heavy hitting Vita JRPGs.

WeAreLegion2824d ago

For the LAST TIME, Media Molecule already unveiled their PS4 game. It was the 3D modelling game they showed at the PlayStation Meeting in February. Game Informer even had an article interviewing one of the guys from Media Molecule about it. It WILL be a full game and we haven't seen a whole lot yet.

I find it odd that someone like Colin Moriarty would skip over such a well known thing. :(

PinkFunk2824d ago

I'm very excited about that 3D modelling thing. I just wonder how they'll make it into a game. Are you thinking LBP style level creators but in 3D space?

Blah, can't wait to mess around with those tools!

WeAreLegion2823d ago

Absolutely. But you're making entire worlds with that thing! And exploring the ones others have made.

LOGICWINS2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Speaking of that new MM game, Sony still hasnt emphasized all the benefits of that camera. Id be shocked if Shadow Fall and Second Sun didnt support Move along with the new PS camera.

iamnsuperman2823d ago

I didn't actually know about that game (I was in an internet free whole from February to July) but that looks awesome. They need to show more but the potential for that is ridiculous. I think Media Molecule are one of the most interesting studios out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.