BioShock Infinite's Original Elizabeth Prototype

IGN - Irrational discusses the original, mute "Gibson Girl" design of Elizabeth and why she didn't end up in BioShock Infinite.

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TekoIie2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Its interesting seeing the evolution of this game. Glad they changed it from the prototype. Elizabeth was a very good character :)

EdoubleD2832d ago

Early Elizabeth creeps me out.

Murad2831d ago

I'm actually very shocked to see Elizabeth transform so much from her initial state to the way she was presented during the release. Totally different, makes you wonder who decided to change her.

Salooh2832d ago

If i were them i would go for this ad if they are making a sequel to infinite :

memots2832d ago

about that Commercial.

The game looks unreal on that commercial but the game doesn't even look near as good as this. I wish studio would stop doing that.

Kevlar0092831d ago

I just finished Infinite for the first time today. Elizabeth was a very refreshing female partner. She was a true asset you didn't need to babysit, was an intergal aspect of the story (she was half of Infinite really), and I wish more games could pull off female partners like Irrational did.

Leave it to Ken Levine and crew to accomplish such a feat

Wni02831d ago

early one wasnt hot enough so they had to change her, typical videogame