Simon Says: GTA Online Could Be Great But Could Be A Disappointing Distraction

GameNTrain author Simon Marshall writes: With the trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online being revealed yesterday, I watched the unveiling of the mode which had promised so much from the last trailer which Rockstar released in early July. With being very impressed with the trailer, it also made me slightly hesitant as the more that Rockstar put into the game, the more, I fear, could potentially go wrong with GTA Online.

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360ICE2819d ago

That is a weak title. You need something with a little more punch. How about 'GTAV online: The Second Coming or the Death of Christ?
Or maybe 'GTAV Online: 10 Reasons you should be scared

golding892819d ago

As much as the article prove some points but i will say if there is any developer anyone should trust in making great games it's rockstar.. i mean these guys have long been setting the bar of games...

Only time will telll on how good the online play will be.. but i definetely will trust these guys to deliver

ZBlacktt2819d ago

I read a long interview from the games director the other day. I don't think people are aware how it's not a free for all. Can't steal other players cars, etc. You troll be a jerk you get reported, etc.

Kevin ButIer2819d ago

That sux lol... being a jerk is the core of GTA

solidworm2819d ago

I'm not jumping on the hype train purely because you can make any game look amazing on a trailer and I'm not prepared to be suckered in. Also Rockstar have NEVER done a good mp and so they have nothing to back it up. Saying all that GTA online could be the breakout MP they have been aiming for all along and I for one hope they pull it off. I;m waiting for it coming out on next gen consoles though so no rush for me.

Nekroo912819d ago

pretty sure you havent played RDR or you have no friends... because its one of the best mp games and even gta iv is still one the top 10 most played online games after 5 years since launch

solidworm2819d ago

Max Payne MP I found to be awful. The last Gta also had a poorly conceived mp IMHO and as for RDR, well that's one of my favorite campaigns ever and I put over 100 hrs into it but its MP while ambitious was a flop. All those games have MP communities that are tiny and there is good reason for that. Unless Rockstar have come up with some new amazing tech I expect the massive city of GTA to be populated with a ton of bots and if we are lucky 32 people per server. Still waiting on clarification on how they are going to populate such vast areas on last gen consoles.

Pintheshadows2819d ago

Max Payne 3, GTA4 and RDR say otherwise.

MajorLazer2819d ago

Gta IV has a massive community online :S

Pintheshadows2819d ago

Solidworm has never played GTA4 on PC bless him.

Pintheshadows2819d ago

This is the kind of nonsense that we need to get off of N4G. I've never seen someone stretch speculation so far.

He clearly has no idea how R* is and how many studios they have all working on this one game. This isn't a single studio who have halved resources down the middle for SP and MP. This is one of the most expansive developers in the business.

'While the story is not high on the list of things to accomplish during a GTA game'

That is absolute nonsense. The characters are what drives a GTA game and the situation that they are put in makes you care. CJ, Tommy, Nico.

'I fear that the game may just be judged on the multiplayer itself similar to Battlefield or Call of Duty'

And I stopped reading there. This may be one of the most misguided and misinformed articles I have read in ages.

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