Nintendo doesn’t need to be the new Sega – but it does need to be a new Nintendo.

It’s very easy to sound the death knell for Nintendo over the exceptionally poor performance of the Wii U. In the cold, harsh light of day, there is literally no way to put a positive spin on sales figures as shockingly poor as 160,000 units globally in the April-June Quarter of 2013.

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Benjaminkno2819d ago

That logo is pretty sweet.

Too bad only fanboys care.
I'd be more likely to compare either of the other two to be quite honest.

Game on!!

Kakz2818d ago

What are you talking about ?...

Benjaminkno2816d ago

ms and sony are more like sega

Raccoon2819d ago

I love to experience new AAA IP's and thats why i hate nintendo :0)

bendanarama2819d ago

Contrary to the opinion of some of my fellow writers on the site, I don;t actually hate nintendo - I've had a lot of good times with their games over the years!

That said I feel that economically the Wii U is flagging, and I'm not sure Nintendo has any upcoming games that would really save it.

TekoIie2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

You say your not sure... Not sure that Mario Kart or SSMB can save it?

Bearing in mind of course that Mario Kart Wii sold 30 million and SSMB:B sold 10 million I would say those are the games which will most likely save it.

Also considering a price cut is inevitable I think the console will have a promising future if history repeats itself.

CaptainN2819d ago

You know its thinking like this that shows the industry has forced a bias on Nintendo and their games. AAA games do show up on Nintendo platforms ...its just players like you who wont buy them. Are you going to buy the next Assassins creed on the U, how about Watchdogs, Splinter Cell, Batman or Call of Duty..."NO BECAUSE THEY ARE ON NINTENDO".

As mentioned in the previous comment, Mario Kart alone has the power to push consoles, and Smash bros is for all the core fighting fan base. Add the new Zelda they are working on as well as the sequel to Xenoblade (X) and games like Bayonetta have a good lineup of upcoming games to look forward to.

Don't forget the new Donkey Kong & Mario games and Wii Fit U which is sure to attract the kids and casuals and Nintendo will have some firepower coming soon.

Yes the first 10 months have been horrible when it comes to games being released, both 1st and 3rd party.But if gamer's don't support the console, developers wont either. Its a catch 22 situation, so instead of constantly bringing up the negatives start focusing on the positives.

Free online play,backwards compatibility,Miiverse, second screen game play, and a much cheaper console then the competitors are all positive things that everyone seems to forget to mention.

N4g_null2819d ago

This is the popular thinking on Nintendo products. Yet after they sell everyone praises them. It comes down to gamers getting older it seems. Gamers want to be cool. Nintendo is set to cater to the core of gaming which is game play. Their first plan of attack are kids and adults that are adult enough to enjoy kiddy or light hearted fun.

the fix is to bring their first naughty dog online, to take story gaming and expand it beyond rpgs. They need to make a fps that is just like mariokart yet it can be modded. Give indies the mod tools and watch the mod community slaughter cod.

last story, x, the pokemon movies, are a great start. Imagine if prometius was the beginning of metroid or it some how linked into alien! How about a fp kid icarus on wiiu? A star fox with a different style?

Gamers are looking for the cool the hype because they are bored and reject alot of good games. The Nintendo bashing happens because its easy. Also Nintendo fans are not really coming to the sites that bash. These are pop gamers. Cod sales prove this, they are not the core, which is why old ips are failing. The new gamer wants cool, not quirky, stories not game play, easy games not challenges. After all the empty hype of last gen we bring you the pop gamer. Only cod has been able to addresses those gamers fully. Sony is getting a pat on the back from these gamers yet none are buying their games, only an avg of 5-2 million. Even movies cant keep afloat with those sales.

Nintendo is right cheap games are bad, yet cheap interactive stories are good... cheap episodic sandboxes are great too.yet those are not really games they are on rail adventures, sand box fantasys, qte exploration. The industry stop making games along time ago, its time Nintendo stopped also right? Nope the remedy is Nintendo sticking totheir guns and putting their own spin on these ttalentless ideas.

just look at perfect dark, killer instict, eternal darkness, blood moon, giest, sin and punishment.... this idea was derail by bad studios or studios that became bad. Im really thinking Nintendo could have helped too human from not sucking, square enix ff would be way cooler if more was questioned,. Some times these are just bad apples ruining studios.

3-4-52818d ago

Your missing out on 95% of all the good games then.

Raccoon2818d ago

Spare me, and go play "mario prime: zelda smash party 28"

ironically its the kids that keep nintendo alive because nintendo is a brand we all recognize and have enjoyed at some point in our life and use that refrence to pass it on to our kids.

I honestly hate it because the damn thing did not grow with me and stayed back in 1992 :0( cant say the same about SONY because since day one they gave me games like Crash Bandicoot and resident evil and im still here playin "The Last Of Us" while waiting for "beyond: two souls", "knack" and more... What are you guys waiting for? Pokemon: hamburger and hotdog

2818d ago
AJBACK2FRAG2819d ago

I definitely agree but I don't see a big price cut coming anytime. To me it would just devalue an excellent piece of hardware.

Thomper2819d ago

Anyone purporting to hate Nintendo is not a gamer, does not care about the industry and is, frankly, clueless as to their contribution to gaming.

Bring back Sega and let's get this party started !!!

N4g_null2818d ago

Ive been getting out of the studio more since im waiting on the big crash in gaming to come lol. What im meeting is internet trolls in real life. Its been interesting since they dont hate Nintendo but they think gaming is about story.

Now this is a symptom of bad game play. This all started on the ps2 really. Lots of gamers never touch any of Nintendo new games but emulator exposed them to very hard games without great graphics. They art wasngreat for the time but we are in the age of cgi in game pretty much. This means all gamers complaining online are mostly sandbox, story, or graphic fanboys. The fps players are a type of sandbox player.

even these gamers dont see what they have become. More later8

Thomper2818d ago

Completely agree. Take "The last of us" many amazing elements, but long boring cut scenes.

Games need to stop trying to be cinema

yabhero2818d ago

You guys make some good points but I don't think open world/ sandbox games like GTA or Watch Dogs or developing stories are what's wrong with games. Nintendo actually needs more of those things... And I'm a huge fan

TheVideoGamHer2818d ago

Methinks I'll steal scissor_runner's "pop gamer".
I like that lol.

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