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-Ghost3459d ago

This won't be an easy one. Rank 100 and Earn 30 platinum awards seem time consuming. Challenge accepted.

Black-Helghast3458d ago

Neither was GTA IV's platinum due to the online trophies -.- And this one also has online trophies... great.

-Ghost3458d ago

Yeah, but Rockstar always did online trophies for previous games (Max Payne 3, RDR). GTA IV multiplayer was boring as there wasn't much to do and the community died.

GTA Online has more activities to keep players busy. This will always be an active community I assume.

Ripsta7th3458d ago

@Outsider- Gt4 was ALWAYS packed , even last year the game still had a good amount of ppl active

minimur123458d ago

' Out of your depth '

So if youre in a dingy boat and you go too far out..... Sharks confimed :D

Snookies123458d ago

@minimur12 - Lol, but sharks were already confirmed. :p

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DOMination-3458d ago

Rockstar always do crap achievements and this is no different.

princejb1343458d ago

nothing more frustrating than online achievements

HammadTheBeast3459d ago

"Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist cult"


FlameHawk3459d ago

Woah I did not expect that, omg I have never been more excited for any game. Why must college have to start :'(.

Campy da Camper3459d ago

And on top of it your degree won't get you squat AND you will be paying back student loans into your 40s! I only have 3 years left til they are paid Woot! (I'm 40)

T23458d ago

@ campy - god you are sooo right thanx for reminding me ... Shoulda just been an electrician lol

SmokeyMcBear3458d ago

well depends on the degree, engineering baby, wooooo

Feralkitsune3458d ago

Well, my loans won't be that much since I research and don't fail any of my classes. I'll be out of school on time, and didn't go to an insanely expensive one.

SchwoererBear3457d ago

@campy, I just finished school and my loans start in a couple of months! $60,000 in loans will probably put a dent in my future gaming :(

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TXIDarkAvenger3459d ago

"You're gonna need a bigger boat..." nice Jaws reference.

MrBeatdown3459d ago

I know most don't like them, but I'm happy there's a good chunk of time consuming online trophies.

I plan on putting a ton of time into multiplayer, so I like having a few trophies to chase.

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The story is too old to be commented.