The 25 best indie games of all time

GamesRadar - But... what is indie?

That's the question, isn't it? "What is indie" in 2013? Technically, companies like Gearbox and Valve are indie, since they're not owned by a publisher and can, for the most part, do whatever they want, but we don't really consider them to be as independent as the likes of Team Meat--they're way too big. The same goes for Double Fine and Telltale, companies that, at one point, might have been indie, but have since ballooned to 150+ member studios who have worked on licensed games. Let's face it: when you're working on a Sesame Street game, you really aren't letting your indie flag fly. There are also instances like Journey, games that look and feel sort of indie, but are part of publishing deals with major companies.

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Jackhass2511d ago

Good list! Although I might put Cave Story at #1.

McScroggz2511d ago

Very fine list. I really wish Legend of Grimrock would come to PS4 as I'm not into PC gaming and it's always intrigued me.

I'd probably choose either Limbo or Braid as number one personally. But of all the games on here that I've played, all are very good.

Moncole2511d ago

Legend of Grimrock wouldn't work with a comtroller because you use the mouse a lot.

McScroggz2511d ago

Trackpad on the PS4 or one of the analog sticks.