An Ode To Instructions: Why I'll Miss Video Game Manuals

The coming of a new generation of always-on, super-connected consoles surely spells doom for the humble video game manuals, which is a shame, because video game manuals used to be a real art form.

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shodan742831d ago

I used to really enjoy reading game manuals. The best offered cool little bits of extra background and detail to the gameworld, and had a distinctive tone/style. The one for the PS version of Doom really sticks in my mind because of that.

Software_Lover2831d ago

I miss manuals, but they started getting real cheap with them. Nothing really enjoyable. PS2 and Xbox had some great game manuals.

TheOneYouHate2831d ago

I still have the box and manual for super Mario bros 3 :-)

Auron2831d ago

I loved the way brand new Super Nintendo boxes smelled.

eye no toe fu2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

LMAO, I thought I was the only one who would smell new game manuals. That's one thing I began to miss greatly this gen - the dwindling of quality game manauls. Curse you technology!