PS4, PS3, and Vita Announcements You Should Expect at GamesCom 2013

Push Square: "GamesCom has always been good to PlayStation. While the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo tend to show up when they feel like it, Sony has always enjoyed an extremely strong presence at the German convention, dating all the way back to the PlayStation 3’s all-important hardware revision reveal way back in 2009. Erase that awkward Diversity appearance from your memory, and the platform holder’s historically done a good job at the show, too, eschewing the razzle and dazzle of E3 for something a little more conservative but no less content rich.

"With the console wars already in full force, though, this year’s showing threatens to be the most important since the Japanese giant dropped the price of its flagship format four years ago. Not only does the company need to put the spotlight back on the PlayStation 4 after several weeks worth of Microsoft policy changes, but it also needs to fix the PlayStation Vita’s increasingly desperate commercial woes, and ensure that its current generation console remains the cheaper option of choice. It’s a lot to achieve in little over an hour, but here’s how we expect to SCEE boss Jim Ryan to do it."

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TimeSkipLuffy2819d ago

MediaMarkt in Germany is offering a BF4, Fifa 14 or NFS for free with a PS4 or X1 pre-order starting tomorrow until 08/24!!! Thanks GamesCom!!! :3

get2sammyb2819d ago

That's awesome! Make sure you get on this if you're in Germany. :)

SillyYou2819d ago

??? Really/Wirklich? Link?

TimeSkipLuffy2819d ago

you will find it in the advertisment of MediaMarkt Cologne where gamescom is held

du findest es im Kölner MediaMarkt Prospekt zur gamescom ab morgen

Spenok2819d ago

Man I kind of wish I was in Germany now xD

Majin-vegeta2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

More wallet raping from Sony as if they don't do it enough already :(.

@Sckipt I don't think you know what I mean.

@Sin Touche :P

@Sammy:Exactly :D.

Deadpoolio2819d ago

Ummmm Sony Rapes your wallet with value....MS rapes your wallet because they literally just want your money and don't care about giving you value....

Rimeskeem2819d ago

@ Deadpoolio

oh i didnt know thats what he meant im sry

(im being serious right now)

sincitysir12819d ago

It's not rape if u like it ;)

Spenok2819d ago

Can't rape the willing ;)

get2sammyb2819d ago

How do you mean? Because there's too many games to buy? ;)

Goro2819d ago

I feel like Gamescom is the last hope for the Vita but i'm pretty sure Sony won't let us down this time

xKugo2819d ago

I pray not because I love my Vita but with the support that it's getting right now, I can't even justify having it at this point.

dcj05242819d ago

I like the line up looks good. Not the "last hope" lol. I will however be enraged with dissapointment if they don't announce Gravity Rush 2.The original was GOTY 2012 for me ( along with Virtue's Last Reward) and there is SO MANY things to improve/add upon.

tubers2819d ago

VITA's last chance = X Event (E3, TGS, GC) til end cycle.

remanutd552819d ago

Bah latest rumor from a very credible source at neogaf is that the conference is only an hour long, noooooooooooooo i was expecting at least 1 hour and a half.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2819d ago

The only PS3 news will be more games being canceled and moved to PS4. It's the typical Sony bait & switch.

dcj05242819d ago

You're confusing SONY with Microsoft.

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