GTA 5 vs Saints Row 4: Which Open World Crime Game is the Best?

There are two games coming out in the coming weeks that share several similarities: Grand Theft Auto 5 and Saints Row 4. The latest entry into the juggernaut GTA franchise, the fifth installment is expected to do blockbuster business, and SR 4 is a game that could become a big success in its own right. While both games are open world crime dramas, each has a unique spin that will allow users to experience very different adventures.

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KonsoruMasuta2820d ago

GTA 5 will come out on top, obviously.

trywizardo2819d ago

V all the way ^_^ ... just a note SR4 looks just like 3 but with added aliens , just saying :)

raiden-492819d ago

I agree but that THQ's fault not Deep Silver's fault since THQ pushed the game on Volition since they need the money then couldn't ever get....

Man2bFree2819d ago

SR4 is a DLC for SR3 that got turned into a full game!! Its the same map and city, all they added is alien BS!! Should have been a 1600 DLC for SR3!! Comparing that shit to GTA V?? Thats just disrespectful to the GTA franchise!!

trywizardo2819d ago

@man2bfree exactly comparing these games i wrong and waaay to easy for V to win , but compare it to watch dogs is better (though V have more fun and more stuff to do in the world) at least both V and watch dogs are big detailed games they should compare them not SR4 ^_^

TheGrimOfDeath2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

@Man3bFree and everyone complaining that SRIV is DLC. Listen up and stop spreading false information. I have had this argument on Reddit so many times and I have proved everyone wrong.

There was a *standalone* DLC that was going to be released that was called SR3 Enter The Domanatrix. It was then added into SR4 and cancelled as *standalone* DLC because the developers felt that the DLC and SR4 were too similar, so they just felt that it was better to ADD the content from the DLC into SR4 so people won't complain that SR3 Enter The Domanatrix is just like SR4. They did NOT turn the DLC into a full game as everyone said, and it is NOT SR3 with Aliens, it is so much more with countless of new items including Weapons, Cars, Planes, Enemy Types, Weapon Upgrades, Car Upgrades, Skil Upgrades, Activities, Bringing back Gat, Bringing back Old Shaundi, Going to Stillwater, and so much more.

You people are very hatefull for something that you have not tried. Critics have tried it and have said that the game is worth the play.

Now don't you dare spread lies about the game. Sure don't buy it if you think it sucks, but don't you even think about lying about the game being a re-hash.

trywizardo2819d ago

gosh i really hate to waste my last bubble , guys please bubble me ^_^
@thegrimofdeath nope actually i was waiting for that SR3 DLC then i sow a post at IGN that the dev's says the the "enter the dominatrix" is really big (like red dead zombies DLC) so they cleansed it and agreed to make it a full game , then you know that THQ has closed and these guys bought it , so its their fault for not holding it back for another year but make the graphics better or even change anything , they just wanted to release it as fast as possible and that's dumb

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xPhearR3dx2819d ago

GTA 5 is the better open world crime game
Saints Row IV is the better open world super hero game

Khajiit862819d ago

Not better than all open world superhero games.

mafiahajeri2819d ago

Lol is this even a debate? Gta V all the way...

CarnageXB2819d ago

I like both. Its that simple.

RioKing2819d ago

Woah woah woah, that kind of talk is strictly prohibited here on N4G mister!!

Crazay2819d ago

Same here. I like GTA for the gritty crime series that it is and I like SR for the over the top dildo bat swinging comedic/cartoony action.

CarnageXB2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

This is how I feel.

Gta for serious crime game to have some fun in.
Saints row for fun all the time.

dcj05242819d ago

Saints Row 2 was a perfect balancs of over-the-top silliness and realistic,dark gang wars. I miss the saints row that I fell in love with. Now it's just. Ugh.

Khajiit862819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I like both but if you could only buy 1, which one would it be?

GTA V for me.

CarnageXB2819d ago

That would be a hard one. I guess I would have to say GTA 5 since I'm getting that first and I'm waiting to get saints row 4 on sale.

Feralkitsune2819d ago

Saints Row 4 for me since Rockstar treets PC gamers like 3rd world citizens.

Khajiit862818d ago


GTA was always primarily a console game as are most games which is why I am a console gamer. PC has more power and is better but not many people own gaming pcs compared to the amount of people that own consoles.

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