Were Just Cause Devs Working on an Iron Man Game?

A new rumour is floating around that Avalanche Studios, the developers behind Just Cause 2, may have been working on an Iron Man game.

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USA0072831d ago

I'd rather see another Just Cause than Mad Max and Iron Man games

Transporter472831d ago

A good Iron Man game i would be so stoked!!

SIRHC132831d ago

I don't see the appeal of a Mad Max game TBH. I think Avalanche is better at creating games with verticality, if JC2 is anything to go by.

ElementX2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I'm just not a fan of superheroes (except Batman because he's not "super" he's just a regular guy with tech). Give me another Just Cause any day

matgrowcott2831d ago

Iron Man is pretty much a regular guy with tech, isn't he?

ElementX2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

To be fair didn't he inject himself with nano whatever and he can shoot beams of energy. I guess those are both considered technology but I was thinking more of regular guy as in lack of powers and super strength.

Skate-AK2831d ago

Haha. That is exactly what Iron Man is.

Jiggins992831d ago

Who really wants to see another super-hero game released, this may be different but i cant say i've played a super-hero game worth the money

thetruthbomb2831d ago

does power rangers lightspeed rescue count? Great ps1 game imo.

dcj05242831d ago

Spiderman 2? 2008 incredible hulk game?