WWE 2K14 Full SummerSlam Gameplay Video

WWE 2K14 Full SummerSlam Gameplay Video

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NYC_Gamer2831d ago

The graphics and gameplay look really dated

the_hitman30002831d ago

Agreed I hope with 2k funding and next gen hardware this series can come back from this rut it's in.

MizTv2831d ago

I feel like it's been 12 years since I really liked a wrestling game
The last one being NoMercy

the_hitman30002831d ago


I thought here comes the pain was great but I never played No Mercy but judging from it's reaction it seems to be a classic

BkaY2831d ago

HCTP... was last best wwe game...


itBourne2830d ago

No Mercy is amazing. HCTP is ok, but Smackdown 2 for ps1 is the best wrestling game there is. HCTP took things out, like the co-op career mode, some matches that have still not been in a game to this day as far as I know.

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RavageX2831d ago

Yeah this doesn't exactly look like a "new" game. I dunno, since it is their first shot at it I guess we can't really expect something all that great, lol.

StanSmith2831d ago

This isn't their first shot at the title. The teams moved across when the franchise was taken over by 2K.

Basically, this is still Yukes and the original THQ team just under the 2K banner.

RavageX2830d ago

In that case disregard everything I said. This looks damn lazy. They need to get that one group back in things, AKI I believe?

vivid832831d ago

that's one of the problems with having no competition unfortunately

the_hitman30002831d ago

True but even though I don't really follow sports games 2K seems to be the better company compared to EA Sports right? Because I hear NBA 2K is better than live and that the NFL 2K games were really good.

itBourne2830d ago

Ummm.... have any of you plays a 2k baseball game? Its laughably bad, and I really feel sorry for any baseball fan who only owns and xbox.

nevin12831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Is it me, or they really still using the PS2 engine?

BkaY2831d ago

naw bro its not just you...

DeadlyFire2831d ago

Yeah its still the same. 3v3 players on PS3 = 20 fps. Engine needs vast improvements.

LiViNgLeGaCY2831d ago

God I really hope Orton turns heel at Summerslam. It's heavily rumored he is.

optimus2831d ago

Don't expect that big of a change since 2k is only picking up where thq left off... I'll wait for the real deal next year.

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